Friday, February 28, 2014

Under the Gunn rehash!

Did you miss me last week? A team challenge and nobody went home? And ANOTHER movie tie-in challenge? Looks like I chose the right week to skip a recap! You know how I feel about episodes when everyone stays (like it's a waste of time). Let's see if this week is any better!

Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

A two-day challenge! The designers weren't the only ones happy about that.

Tim's plaid suit jacket that he was wearing in the opening was adorable.

Things I hated:

I didn't like Shan's self-negativity. Poor guy. I'm rooting for him and want him to do well.

I thought Anya's frustration was understandable, but all I heard out of her mouth was "I...I...I". "I can't help..." "I'm frustrated with you..." And when she asked Nicholas if he actually made the garments in his portfolio?? How disrespectful! From Anya of all people! (Remember when she showed up to her PR audition with pieces that she "designed" but didn't make?) Anya, you picked the wrong designer when you had to choose, but that's not Nicholas' fault, it's YOUR fault. Ugh. I like Anya, but the whole thing annoyed me to no end. She turned into a micro-managing Nick-monster.

And maybe I'm wrong, but it's hard to take Anya seriously when she's wearing a see-through shirt or a dress cut down to her navel.

Favorite garment(s):

For all his struggles, Shan nailed it. I want to be that ninja leather lady in the future-past!

Nick's designers impressed me. Oscar's was totally over-the-top, which is acceptable to me only in an avant-garde challenge. Natalia's ended up being pretty darn cool, with or without the gimmick.

Least favorite garment:

Asha's "schizophrenic in a good way" design seemed the opposite to me. I didn't like the plaid and lace. Maybe if the lace wasn't pink?

Michelle. Didn't we already have the vampire challenge?

Best line of the night:

"(Oscar) just doesn't seem to think that any decision he could make right now is a bad decision, which is a terrible way to think for a fashion designer." --Sam   I disagree with this statement. In a competition show that focuses on working with a time limit, if you start doubting your decisions you're screwed. I might also still be contemplating this article that Sarai posted last week (so good!).

"You can't run a car into a pothole and expect that you don't have to do maintenance on it." --Nicholas  I think he's right, but I also run into potholes all the time. And you know I'm not doing car maintenance! (Sorry hubby...)

To be honest, I'm having trouble differentiating Nicholas and Blake. If you quizzed me on who made what, I'd probably lose. So either one could have gone home without bothering me. Don't even get me started on Anya being allowed to choose again.

I think Natalia deserved to win. As much as I liked Shan's garment, Natalia's was way more avant-garde. Ah well, it's a matter of taste, as Tim would say.

Next week: unconventional beachwear? What a terrible idea for a challenge. Let me guess, it's sponsored by Coppertone or Sharknado 2.


  1. I would love to see this stuff, but we can't get it in the uk :(

    1. Oh man, that's too bad! I bet you could watch the episodes online, although that's not as much fun.

  2. Thanks for the post. I agree about Asha's, I wanted to like it, but just if it had a different color lace! It was hard to tell if the judges wanted them to do Steam Punk (which can look costumey) or be Steam Punk inspired avante garde.

    1. Either way, it seems like the designers that do poorly in avant garde challenges either go way too far, or not far enough. It must be hard to stay right in the middle of those two things!


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