Monday, February 3, 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Defining My Style

By now I hope you know how much I'm in love with the Wardrobe Architect project. You're on board? Good, moving forward.

The last two exercises have been about defining your style, and then choosing specific garment details (skirt lengths, necklines) that correspond. What I've loved about Sarai's approach is that she's encouraged us to focus on how we FEEL when wearing certain things. Not how you feel when you SEE something ("oooooh that 1950's party dress is beautiful") but how you feel IN the clothes ("I'm wearing a 1950's party dress...what was I thinking?"). This approach has totally changed my perspective.

We were instructed to settle on 5 words that define our style (using our first worksheet as a starting point). I ended up with:

Practical, Grown-up, Identity, Feminine, Confidence

Now, Sarai wasn't specific on whether this was the style you DO have, or the one you WANT to have. Probably intentionally. I decided to go with the IDEAL style for my real life. How I want to feel every time I get dressed. 

The next step was to create a visual representation of these words. I made a Pinterest board. Everything I pinned here had to fit at least 4 of these words (more or less, I didn't count!). If you know anything about Pinterest, you know how easily you can fall down the rabbit hole of "ooooo pretty". By taking this structured approach, I ended up with a board that feels achievable. No fantasy wardrobe, no fantasy LIFE. Just real styles that I can wear.

I don't want to dissect my words too much because wow that's boring...but "identity" might be a little confusing if you're not in my brain. Basically, that means focusing on being Beth instead of just being Mom. If you're a parent, you know what I mean. 

I'll probably address "grown-up" in a later post, probably around my birthday at the end of the month. Can I be grown-up but stay in my 20's forever? No? Anyway.

Are you following along with this series? The comments on Sarai's posts have been fascinating. Someday someone will be paying Sarai money for this service (or maybe for a book!) so you better get in on the ground floor!

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