Monday, February 10, 2014


I teased. I mentioned this coat a month ago and then didn't mention it again. So here it is, two months in the making, my husband's Albion!

Fabric is wool coating from Fabric Mart.

I used buttons instead of toggles.

I left off the hood and drafted a stand-up collar.

The coat body is lined with cotton flannel from Jo-Ann's.
The sleeves are lined with Bemberg rayon from Mood.

Patch pockets.

Extra topstitching on the back yoke.

I added piping to the facings and a ribbed interior collar.

I inserted a welt pocket in the lining.

I hand-embroidered this tag and sewed it inside.

Interior piping.

Collar with interior ribbing.

I sewed and inserted a loop for hanging.

Sleeve tab.

All five buttonholes were sewn by hand.

This post is picture-heavy and light on the text, but I promise more details later this week. There is a lot to say about this coat!


  1. This looks wonderful with your added custom details!

    1. Thank you! The details always take so much time, but are worth it in the end!

  2. Love the details, especially the ribbing.

  3. Love the way your Albion came out. Did a fabulous job, and looks just like RTW on your husband! Way to go!


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