Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's My Birthday!

Confession: I'm really obnoxious about my birthday. Like, I'm the person who goes and buys booze just so someone will card me and say "oh, it's your birthday!" and I can say "why yes, isn't it great!" I think I've only gotten worse with age, or maybe since meeting my husband. He hates birthdays. Seriously, his employer gives everyone in the company an extra personal day to use on their birthdays, and he never takes the day off. I have to enjoy birthdays enough for the both of us!

I think I stole all the joy of gift-giving from my husband, because I picked out my presents ahead of time (sorry...). But with the Sewaholic sale last week, and Craftsy's supply sale this weekend, there were deals that couldn't be ignored! I have a Renfrew pattern on the way (finally!) and I also bought the October Sewalong Kit from Craftsy (a pattern and fabric).

Is it still a good birthday if you pick out your own presents? I think so. For me, it's a great birthday as long as I have my family with me, some cake, and Cracker Barrel french toast. And donuts for breakfast doesn't hurt.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, you certainly choose your own presents!! Happy birthday.


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