Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Content Creation for Sewing Brands

A bit of a change in this post, with some sewing-adjacent news! If you are a content creator, fabric shop, or pattern company, it can be a hamster wheel to bring new STUFF to the world all the time. I work with clients to take the burden off, but not everyone has that kind of budget to put into their business. So, I wrote my newest e-book!

1 Garment 10 Pieces of Content

1 Garment, 10 Pieces of Content gives you ideas for turning 1 garment into 10 posts/videos/emails/etc. It includes a shot list (so you know exactly which photos to take WHILE sewing, not after!) and a checklist. These techniques are exactly the ones I use when I plan content and marketing with clients

1 Garment 10 Pieces of Content

  • No working backwards after a project is done
  • Content creation will be much faster
  • See the creative aspect of making content, removing all the dread

Grab the e-book today in my shop. If you're interested in chatting about my marketing services, you can find out about my no-commitment Discovery Call here.

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And if you struggle with other marketing tasks, leave a comment and let me know. There could be another low-cost e-book in the future!

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