Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

You know what's really fun when you're pregnant? Bronchitis. Did I say "fun"? I meant "soul-crushing". All I want to do is get in my sewing room, not hack up a lung. At least it's better than getting three teeth at once, like poor Baby H. Bronchitis+teething=everyone here is miserable.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: To be honest, this was an uncomfortable episode all around. I guess if I had to pick a nice moment it would be in the art gallery. Y'know, before everyone started tearing each other apart and were just enjoying the beautiful things in the world.

Worst moments: I've said it once, and I guess I'll keep saying it, what is everyone trying to accomplish by picking on Sam? "Oh, Ken, you think I'm not trying? Okay, then I'll just leave. Thanks for pointing that out to me." I get it that Ken has a temper and Sam, apparently, does not, so I guess they're all just supposed to put up with that? Between the two of them, Sam handled the conversation like the older, more mature person.

Best garments: I can't say that any of them were "best" but certainly Ken deserved to win for the most avant garde.

Worst garments: Again, were any of them BAD? No. But most were not avant garde. Even Dom's was just a dress with a weird coat. Maybe it would have been better without any inspiration in the art gallery? 

See all the garments here.

Best quote: "I don't know what the hell we're talking about." --Isaac

I may have defended Sam as a person but I can't defend his garment. I hate to say "I told you so" because I didn't want to be right, but this was a chance to get rid of Emily and they took it. Sam's was worse. I thought they'd do the right thing and eliminate him finally, but Isaac must have fought for him. Lately Emily has been doing better, Sam worse, and in those situations the person succeeding gets to stay. It smacked of favoritism that anything different happened.

Next week: Nina and deciding who goes to the finals (right?).

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

You know how you can just be going along, enjoying Spring and the beautiful weather, and then you suddenly get the plague? No? Just me? Really need to get this baby out so my immune system can get back to normal. At least I have PR to keep me company while I'm couch-surfing.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Zanna looked gorgeous this week, I loved her dress. I wonder why she doesn't come to the runway shows the way Tim does on regular PR.

Worst moments: Contrast that with Alyssa Milano on the runway. Oh my. There are no words.

How did everyone miss the memo that this was a summer look? Apparently they only heard "badass" since that was the catch phrase that was repeated a million times. 

Best garments: Emily's was brilliant. So interesting, so different. PLEASE let her stay until the final runway show!

Worst garments: Asha's was so poorly fitted. Is it just me, or is fit something they rarely discuss on this show? Dom's was a miss, obviously. It looked like it was from an unconventional challenge. I disliked Kini's, but at least he was aware enough to ditch his jacket. Georgina was right about Sam, his design was "unresolved" (how perfect is that phrase of her's?).

See all the looks here.

Best quote: "Less disco banana, more sophisticated cool girl." --Zanna

I really enjoyed having Zac Posen take part in the judging, the All Star judges are way too nice compared to the regular PR judges. Zac isn't concerned about hurting anyone's feelings, and at least he has meaningful feedback, unlike Isaac. I was surprised about Asha going home, it felt like it was Ken's time, but probably both of them would be out eventually anyway.

Next week: Avant garde, and possibly an excuse to get rid of Emily if she goes too cray cray.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Brindlle & Twig Hooded Vest

A couple weeks ago I shared my first Brindlle & Twig pattern, the Raglan Coveralls. I was originally browsing for newborn patterns, but when I saw this lovely pattern on sale for only $5, of course I could not resist adding it to my cart. It's more of a big kid pattern and I may only sew it this one time...or not. I'm about to have three kids so who knows which patterns will be popular around here. I'd been doing so much baby sewing that AB was starting to get jealous, so I was happy to whip this up for her.

I'm usually in the camp that thinks vests are pointless (what kind of weather warrants a vest??) but this one is cute so I don't care. The main fabric is quilted knit leftover from my Union St. Tee and the accent bands are leftover french terry from the same shirt. I already had the pink KAM Snaps in my stash. Basically, a complete win with stash scraps! Oh wait, except for the hood lining. It's a cotton/spandex knit, I believe it was originally from Girl Charlee.

AB helped me pick out all the fabrics (when given certain choices, of course) so this was a fun collaborative effort. Now that she's older (turned 4 this February) she can communicate her preferences and it makes sewing for her a lot better.

I was pleased with the instructions for this pattern, they were easy to follow. I have the same complaints about B&T that I mentioned in my last review, about a lack of variety. But for the price I paid it's completely fair for only 1 view.

As I mentioned, AB is 4, and a pretty average size. Perhaps on the skinny side of the spectrum. I sewed a size 4/5 and you can probably see that it's big on her, which is fine. Better too big right now and get a few seasons out of it. She typically outgrows the length on all her RTW clothes and almost never the width. I'm pleased that this runs kind of long.

The best feeling of all was when AB wore this to preschool and proudly told her teacher that I made it. It almost made me forget how I had to wrestle it on her because she refused to wear it once it was done. Kids.

My pocket looks a little wonky, thanks to the difficulty of topstitching this quilted knit. I omitted the button on the pocket because I thought it would just frustrate her. She's easily frustrated (she takes after her mother). The only other change I made was to leave off the drawstring from the hood. It seemed like more trouble than it was worth because it would certainly get pulled out or tied to something or whatever, and the hood is roomy enough that it's not in danger of falling off. 

I finished the fold-back center front facing with lace hem tape. I thought she'd like it but she was kind of meh. You can see here, again, how hard topstitching was as the buttons, facing, and hem tape are all wonky.

But that lining is pretty darn cool! All in all, I'm very happy with this pattern and might make another only because I have this crazy pink owl fleece in my stash. That's it for my Brindlle & Twig experiment, although I did join the sew and tell Facebook group and enjoy seeing the creations there.

Where do you stand on vests? Am I missing something?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

This is the time in the show when we get to see everyone's designs, otherwise known as my favorite time watching PR. And most of the designs are good at this point as well. Thank goodness!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Two weeks in a row of a good runway show! Amazing!

Worst moments: BLAH I am so sick of Kini and Sam. Kini in particular this week. He's become insufferable. You really have to be annoying to be even more of a baby than Ken. I don't particularly mind that Ken stormed off, he didn't involve anyone else or damage anything. He just needed a break. And obviously there aren't any rules about being thrown off the show for leaving right in the middle of it!

Best garments: I liked Dom's and Emily's. Even though Emily was just safe her's was probably my favorite. I guess it was too simple for the judges. Layana did a great job with her pants, but I do think she should have stuck to her first white top. I feel badly for her that she did all that work and still got eliminated, when Ken stormed off and didn't finish and he gets to stay. Dom's silhouettes are always interesting AND she can mix fabrics in a way that nobody else does. She's definitely going to be the winner or second place of this whole competition.

Worst garments: I did not understand Kini's look. I'm bored with his use of denim. And his "oh really?" reaction to being the winner was SO FAKE. I was very disappointed in Sam, this was his challenge to excel with and his dress was boring. Georgina was exactly right, Sam needs to pull it together a bit more and stop coasting on his good juju with the judges.

See all the designs here.

Best quote: I hope Ken is coming back because he said I could have his white leather for my top...oh and I hope he's okay. --Layana

I disagree with Kini's win, I think for the second week in a row Dom was robbed (Kini take note, this is how you remain gracious). Sam and Ken are going to be in trouble with any more slip ups. Can Emily possibly make it to the final runway show?

Next week: Zac!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Me Made May pledge

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw So, Zo...'s post about joining Me Made May 2016. It can't be May again already! Because that means that sweet Baby H is about to have her first birthday! All the feels.

It's still hard to believe I participated last year, knowing that I would be having a baby in May. I'm tempted, this year, to skip out, since I'm pregnant yet again and obviously again limited on my wardrobe. But if a 9 month pregnant me can do it, then I suppose a 7 month pregnant me should have no trouble!

I, Beth Byrge of 110 Creations, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2016. Ideally I will have no repeats, but pregnancy is unpredictable and I leave myself lots of wiggle room!

I'll definitely be reviewing my outfits from last year to see how I managed the month. It will certainly be boring as many exacts repeats will be happening, but that's the price I pay for having back to back pregnancies. Let's just say that I'm already looking forward to next year, no more maternity clothes, and some real MMM participation! Follow along with my daily outfit posts on Instagram, weekly roundups on the blog, and maybe even some pins on Pinterest. And Flickr haha. Are you participating this year?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

Remember the wind-way from earlier this season? Pretty sure I got caught walking in one this weekend. It was not sexy or *fashion* so now I'm even more against when they did that. Hurry up summer weather!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Wow, a good runway show! It felt almost like real Project Runway for a second. I'm glad that the challenge had some loose guidelines so that the garments could enter a fantasy realm. Otherwise it would have been boring.

Worst moments: Kini and Sam's feud is getting super old. I used to like Kini but he's had zero class over the course of this situation. I'm not saying he has to be fake or best buds with Sam, and YES Sam should have told the judges the truth about Kini making his top...but c'mon now. We're way past that point and bickering like 10 year old girls isn't doing anyone any favors.

Best garments: I liked Dom's and Asha's but I thought Dom had the edge with her print mixing, really thought she finally stepped it up and deserved the win. Guess I was wrong! Am I also off-base to like Sam's? I thought his concept of netting/Ariel/mermaid was clever. He probably could have pushed it further but Sam's aesthetic is cool girl casual anyway. I can't argue with him being in the bottom compared to everyone else, though.

Worst garments: I suppose Alexander's really was the worst. I think his own assessment of trying to stay far away from costume was correct. He overdid it the other direction. He's obviously talented but he probably needs focus to pull off these high fashion looks without going boring, old, or costume. I didn't hate Layana's but I thought for sure they'd do a double elimination. They're obviously just biding their time until she's gonzo. Neither design seemed to match well with their princesses.

See all the looks here.

Hopefully the designers can keep up the quality moving forward, I need to see good garments leading up to the finale!

Next week: Mesh. Everywhere.

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