Thursday, April 14, 2016

Brindlle & Twig Hooded Vest

A couple weeks ago I shared my first Brindlle & Twig pattern, the Raglan Coveralls. I was originally browsing for newborn patterns, but when I saw this lovely pattern on sale for only $5, of course I could not resist adding it to my cart. It's more of a big kid pattern and I may only sew it this one time...or not. I'm about to have three kids so who knows which patterns will be popular around here. I'd been doing so much baby sewing that AB was starting to get jealous, so I was happy to whip this up for her.

I'm usually in the camp that thinks vests are pointless (what kind of weather warrants a vest??) but this one is cute so I don't care. The main fabric is quilted knit leftover from my Union St. Tee and the accent bands are leftover french terry from the same shirt. I already had the pink KAM Snaps in my stash. Basically, a complete win with stash scraps! Oh wait, except for the hood lining. It's a cotton/spandex knit, I believe it was originally from Girl Charlee.

AB helped me pick out all the fabrics (when given certain choices, of course) so this was a fun collaborative effort. Now that she's older (turned 4 this February) she can communicate her preferences and it makes sewing for her a lot better.

I was pleased with the instructions for this pattern, they were easy to follow. I have the same complaints about B&T that I mentioned in my last review, about a lack of variety. But for the price I paid it's completely fair for only 1 view.

As I mentioned, AB is 4, and a pretty average size. Perhaps on the skinny side of the spectrum. I sewed a size 4/5 and you can probably see that it's big on her, which is fine. Better too big right now and get a few seasons out of it. She typically outgrows the length on all her RTW clothes and almost never the width. I'm pleased that this runs kind of long.

The best feeling of all was when AB wore this to preschool and proudly told her teacher that I made it. It almost made me forget how I had to wrestle it on her because she refused to wear it once it was done. Kids.

My pocket looks a little wonky, thanks to the difficulty of topstitching this quilted knit. I omitted the button on the pocket because I thought it would just frustrate her. She's easily frustrated (she takes after her mother). The only other change I made was to leave off the drawstring from the hood. It seemed like more trouble than it was worth because it would certainly get pulled out or tied to something or whatever, and the hood is roomy enough that it's not in danger of falling off. 

I finished the fold-back center front facing with lace hem tape. I thought she'd like it but she was kind of meh. You can see here, again, how hard topstitching was as the buttons, facing, and hem tape are all wonky.

But that lining is pretty darn cool! All in all, I'm very happy with this pattern and might make another only because I have this crazy pink owl fleece in my stash. That's it for my Brindlle & Twig experiment, although I did join the sew and tell Facebook group and enjoy seeing the creations there.

Where do you stand on vests? Am I missing something?

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  1. I adore this on her - and must say her face has changed, she is looking like a big kid now :-)

    Vests are a wardrobe staple for me, especially in the house, as we keep it quite cool.


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