Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

This is the time in the show when we get to see everyone's designs, otherwise known as my favorite time watching PR. And most of the designs are good at this point as well. Thank goodness!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Two weeks in a row of a good runway show! Amazing!

Worst moments: BLAH I am so sick of Kini and Sam. Kini in particular this week. He's become insufferable. You really have to be annoying to be even more of a baby than Ken. I don't particularly mind that Ken stormed off, he didn't involve anyone else or damage anything. He just needed a break. And obviously there aren't any rules about being thrown off the show for leaving right in the middle of it!

Best garments: I liked Dom's and Emily's. Even though Emily was just safe her's was probably my favorite. I guess it was too simple for the judges. Layana did a great job with her pants, but I do think she should have stuck to her first white top. I feel badly for her that she did all that work and still got eliminated, when Ken stormed off and didn't finish and he gets to stay. Dom's silhouettes are always interesting AND she can mix fabrics in a way that nobody else does. She's definitely going to be the winner or second place of this whole competition.

Worst garments: I did not understand Kini's look. I'm bored with his use of denim. And his "oh really?" reaction to being the winner was SO FAKE. I was very disappointed in Sam, this was his challenge to excel with and his dress was boring. Georgina was exactly right, Sam needs to pull it together a bit more and stop coasting on his good juju with the judges.

See all the designs here.

Best quote: I hope Ken is coming back because he said I could have his white leather for my top...oh and I hope he's okay. --Layana

I disagree with Kini's win, I think for the second week in a row Dom was robbed (Kini take note, this is how you remain gracious). Sam and Ken are going to be in trouble with any more slip ups. Can Emily possibly make it to the final runway show?

Next week: Zac!


  1. I was thinking "KINI PLEASE DON'T USE DENIM!" and then he did. Sigh.
    I dislike Sam so I can take Kini over him. And I can't believe that Sam is safe with a circle skirt. A CIRCLE SKIRT?!?! And it didn't even look good!

    I wasn't offended by Ken's cooling off. Because really, he's only hurting himself. If he didn't get a look done, he may have been eliminated. But he did. I really liked the jacket/hoodie thing. I thought it was cool and more 'athleisure' than other looks. Which is why I think Emily was overlooked. cool outfit but definitely not athleisure.

    I liked Dom's 1000% more without the extra panel. It was very fresh at the shorter length.

    Layana's pants were AHH-mazing! And the top was too! But together they were way too much. Way. Those pants though. Man. That could've gotten her the win if the top was a simpler play on a tee or tank.

    I hated Kini's jeans but loved his jacket. Loved. Loved. Loved.

    1. I did really like Ken's as well, the piping was cool and I wish he would have had time to complete the look, because it was headed towards awesome. I think Kini made jeans just so he could say that he made jeans and try to impress everyone.

  2. I am kind of over Isaac. There. I said it.

    Ken got the thumbs up from me. He didn't want to let his frustration get the better of him and take it out on his fellow designers, like he would have in the past. As someone who has learned it's best to walk away and chill out than stay and say things that will be regretted - he did the right thing, even if it meant his design suffered.

    I feel Dom is the clear front runner in this competition. I would like to see Emily make it to the final, I want to see her collection!


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