Thursday, February 20, 2014

Highs and lows and leopard print

Wouldn't it be cool if I had a fancy new blazer and top to show you today? Yeah, that would be cool. Instead, how about a half-finished disaster and a new Plantain?

Let's start with the bad. The blazer is Butterick 5926, which I won from the talented MrsCharisma (you can see her review here). The pattern is for an unlined blazer using knit fabrics (stable ones such as ponte). I was super excited about it, as I love knits and ponte is so easy to sew. I ordered some amazing pink ponte from Mood, but restrained myself from cutting into it and decided to make a wearable muslin first.

The muslin is made from charcoal ponte from Jo-Ann's which I found in the remnants. I was SO excited, because my JA only sells 1 yard remnants (this jacket needs 2 yards) but I found two 1 yard pieces at the same time. Don't ask me how I knew that I could make the jacket from two 1 yard pieces...but it involves me ordering the wrong amount of pink ponte from Mood...

But it was not to be. I had a lot of trouble with the collar. Everything about this pattern felt non-intuitive. I'll admit, this was my first blazer, but I couldn't help feeling like the instructions were lacking. For example, even important clipping and pressing was ignored. There was a lot of hand-stitching that made no sense. So I ended up with one wonky collar notch, and one not-wonky one that I couldn't duplicate.


Once I attached the facings inside, there was all this weird puckering.

It was just so so bad, and worse, I didn't know how to fix it. Going in to this, I thought I'd end up with a versatile grey blazer and a fun pink blazer, and now I have neither. Le sigh. The worst part is that I'd already sewn on perfect patch pockets.

I'm thinking about signing up for this new Craftsy class about blazers. It comes with a pattern and I'm sure I could learn a lot about tailoring in general. There is one version of the pattern on PR that's made with a double knit, so perhaps my pink ponte can be a blazer someday after all. Or maybe the Victoria Blazer? It seems less complicated (though a bit boxy for my tastes).

To make myself feel better, I forged ahead with another Plantain, this time with sleeves. I decided to make a bigger size than my tank top because of how constricted I felt around the armhole area.

She's my shadow.

This fabric is also from the remnants at JA, and it's a poly/spandex knit. Since I had a little under a yard, I made the short sleeve version. And yes, I could wear it yesterday because it FINALLY warmed up a little bit! I tossed on a cardigan and left the house with bare arms exposed.

I started with a straight size 36, but this is how it looked:

Sad, baggy, and dowdy. But I liked how it fit around the bust and in the sleeves, so I took in the side seams and was much happier with the final result:

I added bands to the sleeves because I'm about at the end of my rope with hemming knits. My birthday is Tuesday, anyone want to gift me a coverstitch machine? No? Anyway, I like the bands, the sleeves might be a little too short otherwise.

After two Plantains, I've now worked out my ideal fit. A raised neckline, a size 36 around the bust, grading down to a 34 in the natural waist and sides, with a size 36 length. Phew! You should see my hacked up and taped pattern pieces.

"Mommy is posing, so I should too."

Any advice on blazers? Think I should sign up for the Craftsy class? It's new, so there is currently only 1 review (even though it says 500+ have enrolled). I hate feeling like a pattern defeated me, like I just didn't know enough. The most embarrassing part is that I don't even own a blazer! So I have nothing to study. Sad face. I guess I will just enjoy my fierce leopard Plantain instead!

As a reward for reading all the way to the end of this enormous post, I'll let you know that the Savannah Pleated Party Dress is now available from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. Today only, receive 15% off (no code required)! And to celebrate the update of the Coney Island Tankini, it is also 15% off today! Get ready for Easter and summer and general warmth again!



  1. How did I miss this?!

    I do not wear my B5926 blazer. I don't even know where it is :/ I am awaiting a seafoam green ponte and would love a knit blazer. I was checking to see if anyone else has "fixed" this pattern. Deep sigh :/

    Wonder if I can sub S1421?? It's for wovens though

    1. At least your version looks wearable!

      I'm not sure if it's exactly your taste, but my ponte Victoria Blazer worked out well. It's pretty boxy, though. You might like the cropped version. However the pattern is like $25 so you'd want to plan a few different ones to get your money's worth.

  2. I just attempted this blazer and had the same problem with the collar. In a sense glad that it's not just me because I was thinking I was an idiot for not getting this right but may have skipped this pattern if I'd known it was a common problem. I'm told that the selfish seamstress has a tutorial on it but haven't been able to locate it yet. wondering if anyone has found a fix on this yet?

  3. I stand corrected on my previous post. The blog is pattern scissors cloth and the post is called RTW Tailoring Sewalong #11 - The Collar and Lapels. Its not an actual tutorial for B5926 but gives instructions on how to make the collar and lapel.


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