Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm Kind of a Big Deal

I think we all can agree that talking about yourself, when you've done something worth talking about, can be a bit awkward. A "hey everybody lookie what I can do!" mentality is socially acceptable mostly for 5 year olds and professional snowboarders, of which I am neither. But I'm SO excited about this, that I can't possibly act all demure and like it's not a huge deal to me. Just know that I'm not bragging, I'm excited, okay?

This is my book, my work, my name, in Threads magazine. This tiny little idea I had, and now it's grown into something worth publishing in a huge national (worldwide?) magazine.


If you're a Threads subscriber, then you probably already received your issue. If not, you can buy the April/May issue (#172) starting today (you can buy it here). You can also preview it online (go to page 16 to see my book).

I first spoke with the good people of Threads way way back when the book initially launched. (By the way, the people at Threads are amazing! It was great working with them.) Obviously, they work on issues far in advance, so I've been chomping at the bit waiting patiently to hold this magazine in my hands, and it was SO worth the wait!

Most of all, I'm humbled that a book I published has been so well received in the sewing world. Each time I sew, I feel grateful for the sewing community that taught me everything I know. Without them, I might not have learned to sew, and without sewing, I'd be missing a huge source of joy in my life. It feels great to give back, to introduce something useful that other sewists like and need.

To those of you who already have A Sewist's Notebook, keep posting your experiences with it. You have no idea how cool it is to see someone else's handwriting inside! If you don't have a copy yet, you can order here.

Lastly, thank you to my husband and my parents for helping me get to this point. It was scary putting my little idea out into the world, but with their encouragement, honesty, and support it was not so scary anymore. Love you guys!


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