Friday, March 21, 2014

Under the Gunn rehash!

We had some serious TV dilemmas in our house last night. It's March Madness, otherwise known as the "best days in the entire year" according to my husband. Oh, and did I mention we only have 1 television? (Thanksnothanks lightning strike from last summer). Thank goodness for live streaming on my iPad! This episode was worth watching live. I admit that the team pairings were super intriguing and I was more than a little sucked in by the drama.

Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

I liked Sam and the other guy designers joking around. It seemed good-natured. I'm sure they need relaxing banter in these kinds of stressful situations. Maybe Asha should take the hint?

Oh! And more Sam love. When he said he made an effort to get over his negative feelings towards Natalia, and now he's seen the light...can I just be his best friend?

Oscar's runway speech about giving Shan the win because he has three kids...seriously, I almost teared up.

Umm...Natalia throwing herself under the bus. WHAT? And the person driving the bus wanted to run over her? I don't love this because of Asha, I love it because Natalia showed herself to be a GOOD PERSON, which Asha did not. Some things are more important than advancing through the next round of a stupid TV show, and Natalia understood that. Asha, I hope she haunts your dreams at night.

Things I hated:

Asha. Do I have to say anymore? What a big baby. "I'm being positive." Fake smile. Fake attitude. Real hate. How offensive! Like Natalia is some hardship to be endured? I now no longer care what happens to Asha on this show. She decided before she started that it would be a disaster and totally self-sabotaged (and team-sabotaged). I mean really, who doesn't know that you should SHARE when you're on a team, including sharing decisions and fabric and whatever else? It was all so selfish. I almost barfed when she started crying on the runway.

Favorite garment(s):

I think all of these garments were more...bohemian...than I typically like, but that said I want to wear Shan's blazer every day forever.

Least favorite garment:

Sam was right...every girl already owns Oscar's winning dress. But that's not what the challenge was about, was it?

Asha and Natalia's stuff was just terrible.

Best line of the night:

"Does anyone want to check my blood pressure?" --Tim

I was disappointed in the way this episode turned out, but we're down to the last few designers so somebody had to go. I'm rooting for Sam and Shan all the way.

Next week: umm...I forgot.

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