Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Keep your pants on!

I don't know if this is a sewing rant or a parenting rant. You may have noticed that I haven't sewn much lately for AB. I think maybe one set of pajamas all year? And with Easter approaching, I see an awful lot of cute dresses floating around. The problem?

She hates clothes. I'd say that 75% of her at-home time, she's only in a diaper. By her choice. At best, she'll wear a t-shirt, and then only ones that feature Elmo or My Little Pony. Obviously, it's too cold for her to wear only a t-shirt out of the house, so she humors me in public and dresses like a normal person. But as soon as we get home, BOOM all the clothes come flying off.

So why should I bother sewing for her? For two hours at church every week, or errands every few days?

I'm trying to tell myself it's just a phase, but it's been going on for months now. It's really zapping my mojo when it comes to sewing for her. 

So what do you think? Sew an Easter dress anyway? Make her some ugly play clothes for outside time? Sew clothes for next year? Help!


  1. An Easter dress of My Little Pony fabric? :-D

  2. My little niece is like this, she gets overheated and doesn't even like covers at night. However, she's gotten to the stage where she likes skirts that twirl and likes to watch it twirl in the mirror, so my SIL finds her twirly skirts and I make her tutus. lol I make the tutus in organza, it's more fragile and shreds a little (I think it almost looks better a little beaten up), but it doesn't feel as scratchy as tulle.

    1. The few days that have been warm enough, AB has tolerated skirts pretty decently. I've never tried a super-twirly one, I'll have to try it and see if she likes it!

  3. My nine year old used to love being naked. When he was a toddler he'd run through the neighborhood with us chasing him down. He wears shorts to school most of the year, except for December, January and February. He is wanting shorts now! He usually plays from dusk til dawn, when he doesn't have school or church, in shorts. No shoes. No shirt.
    Our 23 year-old daughter used to wear diapers or nothing. We could get summer dresses on her. She started wearing pretty clothes in kindergarten and when she could choose her own she wore the craziest combos. She still wears unique combos.

  4. My 2.5 year old prefers wearing as little as we will let her wear. She'll either be naked/undies only or she'll wear dress-up/costume clothes. She likes layering her dresses on top of each other. I second the suggestion for twirly skirts - they are on my list of things to make for the spring/summer.


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