Friday, March 7, 2014

Under the Gunn rehash!

A lot of the time, I DVR part or all of Under the Gunn and watch it the next day, thereby skipping the commercials. Last night I watched it in real-time, and now I must buy a new toothbrush and Swiffer. Well done advertisers. You got me.

Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

Tim in flip-flops!

Oscar ripped his pants. Heehee. I wonder if he patched them with a beach ball when he got back to the workroom?

You know what I noticed? LOTS of PR designers say that they don't normally work with prints. And yet home-sewists ALWAYS sew prints. I'm still struggling with this post in the Wardrobe Architect series about prints. If professional designers often shy away from them, maybe I should start re-evaluating my own use?

Nick's convoluted sports metaphor to Oscar was hilarious. The 9th inning of football?

Things I hated:

I was really annoyed at Anya's little rant in the opening of the episode. She claims she sat next to Nicholas for 15 hours and so she knows he didn't work hard enough. Ummm...maybe he felt weird having you hovering over him? And it affected his work? Did you ever think of that Anya? No. Of course not.

I am so. over. Michelle. She gives off a very uppity vibe. You can be confident in yourself without putting other people down to do so.

Favorite garment(s):

I loved Sam's. His bikini top looked like a real swimsuit.

I liked Asha's textile, but I felt like I'd seen her silhouette and style lines before (from her).

Shan made an adorable romper. No love for him from the judges.

Least favorite garment:

Michelle's was no good. When has anyone used shiny plastic in an unconventional challenge and gotten away with it? The answer is never (see: Stephanie).

Best line of the night:

"Do I look like a surf, sand, sun kind of guy? I'm, like, Wednesday Adams as a boy." --Blake

"Mondo is giving me his 'scrap-it' face, which is in between nausea and disappointment." --Sam

Stephanie's elimination wasn't a surprise, but I blame Nick. She asked him directly if her textile looked cheap, and he said no (and Tim said nothing). Then the judges told her it looked cheap. C'mon Nick! You told Oscar to bail on his bad ideas, but not Stephanie? I don't know. I think she got a raw deal from her mentor.

Next week: Transformers and mentor bickering!

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