Monday, June 10, 2013

Sewing Inspiration: Stripes

Hi, my name is Beth, and I'm addicted to stripes. If you've read many posts of mine, this is not a news flash. My fabric stash is almost half stripes.

For me, stripes are that perfect balance between blah solid colors and scary out-there prints. And there are so many combinations! Mini stripes, variable stripes, extra large stripes, and in any color combination imaginable. I admit, I've bought striped fabric only to discover that I already own a RTW garment with the same stripes. Oops.

I've also filled my Pinterest boards with stripes. I love finding new ways to use them, because as much love as I have for stripes, they can be hard to work with sometimes. This dress is my absolute favorite and keeps me awake at night every now and then:

Any fellow stripe lovers out there? Today's post is short and sweet because it's also my ONE HUNDRETH post! To celebrate, I've launched a Facebook page for 110 Creations. Like me on Facebook and get all your updates right in your newsfeed. The button is in the sidebar, or use this link. Happy Monday!

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