Friday, June 14, 2013

Pinterest Project: Father's Day shadowbox

Anybody forget about Father's Day? You still have two days. Like most holidays/birthdays/anniversarys, my husband received his gift well in advance (like...a month ago) and he picked it out himself (a mountain bike). He's such a good gift-giver that he even takes care of himself. Ha! I probably should have planned better and had a sewing project to give him. Maybe like the free tie pattern and tutorial featured on Coletterie earlier this week?

ANYWAY today is Pinterest Project Friday, and in honor of Father's Day I'm going to deviate from a sewing project and show off what I did for my husband last year. It was his first Father's Day, and AB was a mere 4 months old. When I was pregnant, I was addicted to the website Project Nursery. I loved looking at all the beautiful things people were doing in their nurseries. I saw this photo and knew that I had to recreate it myself. I pinned it and let it sit there until the perfect time.

A baby's homecoming outfit is special (well, at least with your first baby...I can't testify to any subsequent children!!). I bought tons of baby clothes when I was pregnant, but the outfit that AB came home in was one of the few things selected by my husband. We were both pretty sad when she outgrew it (newborns grow so quickly!) so I was happy to put it in a shadowbox and save it for always.

(Outfit made by Carter's. Crappy background painting done by me.) You still have time to run to Michael's or Jo-Ann's and get one of these shadowboxes! I used a coupon and art supplies that I already had, so this project topped out around $20. Not bad for a great memory. Are you doing any sewing or crafting for Father's Day?

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