Friday, June 7, 2013

Pinterest Project: tee to tank refashion

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to wear my pretty new chevron hem skirt? Yeah...I realized that I wasn't going anywhere the rest of the day and I ended up in gauchos and a cut up t-shirt. I'd call it a "fail" but it was so dang's hard to be inspired to wear nice clothes when I know a dog, baby, or even a cat might destroy the outfit in seconds. Am I the only one who finds cat footprints in my sewing room?? Ick.

But back to the cut up t-shirt. I chose today's Pinterest project without realizing where I'd pinned it from...Crafterhours! Ironic, considering I just entered the Skirt Week contest being hosted over there. I guess it was fate. According to Pinterest, I pinned this image...a year ago (click the photo to go to the original tutorial).

Tutorial from Jen at Upcycled Education

Yep, sounds about right. I know that this was one of the very first garments I ever "made" on my new sewing machine, and I was SO proud of myself haha. I think it's great to practice refashions and upcycling when you're first learning to sew. They're cheap, and if you mess it up you haven't wasted any fabric.

My t-shirt is even the same color. Not sure if I did that on purpose or not! The only change I made from the tutorial was to cut off the bottom hem only and use that as my drawstring. My t-shirt wouldn't have been long enough if I cut two strips off as shown. I also slid my knotted part inside the casing, so it's not bugging me with a tie.

One other tip: if your t-shirt has ribbing around the neckline, SAVE IT. I have found that RTW neck ribbing is awesome for using on self-made t-shirts, because it's already folded and pressed into a circle. You might not match colors exactly, but sometimes matchy matchy isn't the look you're going for anyway.

So there's a tested and proven Pinterest tutorial for you! Have you seen this one or tried it yourself? C'mon, I know we've all got 33,000 t-shirts we never wear. Don't be afraid to turn them into something cute!

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