Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing Inspiration: Lace

When I was a kid, my sisters and I would pitch a fit if our mom tried to make us wear something with lace. Even a tiny bit on the edge of a sleeve or bodice and we would reject the whole outfit. My mother's wedding dress had lace all over it and we insisted that we'd never wear something like that (omg girls are the worst...can't wait until AB pays me back for all that!). Fast forward to my wedding day, when I wore a dress covered in lace.

The poor man who altered my wedding dress had to remove all the lace on the side seams, take those in, and then hand-sew the lace back on (this was in the days before I knew how to sew). By the way, did you see the vintage wedding dress on Coletterie earlier this month? Stunning.

Something about summer makes me embrace lovely laces and eyelets. I've been kind of obsessing over a lace-backed tank top, also known as a mullet top if you ask Trisha at Made by Trisha (business in the front, party in the back). She also made an awesome lace dress for a wedding in Vegas. How come none of my friends get married in Vegas?

Don't worry, I put my money where my keyboard is and I have actually made a lace-backed top. Stay tuned until tomorrow for the rundown. Scared to try sewing with lace? Me too. I may have to get some of this knit lace PRINT from Hart's Fabrics. All the drama without the fickleness of real lace.

But if you want some help, I found a good tutorial at Sew Fearless for working with stretch lace. And lest you think I only like black lace, this is one of my favorite images I've found on Pinterest:

I can't find the original source I'm sorry!!! Ugh. Pinterest. I love you, but some of your users are very reckless with their pins.

Oh, and my mom's lacy veil did make its way into my wedding. It was used to wrap my bouquet <3

What about you? Have you ever sewn with lace?

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