Friday, June 21, 2013

Pinterest Project: DIY slip

OMGeeeee I changed the design of the blog! Do you like it??? I'm nervous. I liked the black...but it felt like BLAAAAAACK sometimes y'know? Plus the header photo was my old, pre-makeover sewing room. It was SO March 2013.

But back to business! Following up on yesterday's shrinking dress disaster, today I have a quick, cheap solution for you if you have any too-short dresses or skirts hanging out in your closet. Forever ago, I saw this tutorial on iCandy Homemade for what she calls an "extender slip". It's just a slip that shows outside your clothes, rather than hiding underneath your skirts. There's also a great tutorial over at Domestic Bliss Squared (with more before/after photos and examples).

I have one white slip that I've worn under tunics (see here), but white doesn't go with everything. I wanted another in nude and black. Rather than buy yardage and make my own, I turned to Goodwill. We have two Goodwill stores in town, and of course the one closest to me had no slips at all. I guess they ship them across town to the other store? IDK. It just seemed weird that one store had a lot and one had none.

I probably should have photographed this anywhere other than on a white background. This photo looks SO drab. Sorry. For a few bucks, I came home with this nude full slip, and one black one. Both had pretty lace on the bottom hem, which I love for some extra interest. Plus it meant I could skip all the parts of the tutorials that talked about adding trim. Score!

To figure out size, I took my white slip that already fit and laid it on top, then cut it to the same size (plus a tad extra for seam allowance and elastic).

On the left is a side seam, which I left intact. I've been using my serger on all my projects this week. Maybe it's more accurate to say I've been practicing with my serger. Seriously, for the next few weeks my stuff is going to look like a dog ate it. Or tried to eat it, but it tasted bad, so he spit it out and sat on it. I can't get used to sewing without pins and sewing as quickly as a serger does. But I'm trying!

I serged my elastic directly to the top cut edge of the slip (I removed my cutting knife so I wouldn't accidentally trim off any elastic). I thought about flipping it down and topstitching it, but the elastic wasn't uncomfortable to wear and I didn't want any extra bulk (it IS a slip, after all).

Then all that was left to do was serge up the open side seam. Easy peasy!

I tried it on with my disaster dress from yesterday, and it looked okay, but the fullness of the half-circle skirt looked kind of weird with a not-full slip. And when you're sewing your own clothes, is okay really good enough?

Have you tried this Pinterest project? I'll get to work on my black version whenever I switch my serger to black thread, haha. Right now I'm doing as many things as I can with it while it's threaded with white!

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