Monday, June 17, 2013

Mend It Monday: cami straps

Duuuuuuude. It finally happened to me. For a year, I've been reading sewing blogs and I've seen beautiful clothing and bloggers who say "I don't know what this gorgeous amazing fabric is...I got it from a garage sale for a nickel." Last summer I had a newborn and didn't think that toting her to garage sales was a great idea. I've been patiently impatiently stalking Craigslist garage sale ads and striking out left and right. But Friday, I hit the motherload! The historical society for my county was having an enormous rummage sale. I showed up an hour after they opened and they already had police there directing parking. No joke. And then on my way out some guy tried to give me two free coffeemakers. Thanks no thanks...I didn't tell him I already HAVE two coffeemakers...and an espresso machine...and a french press. If we're ever in a zombie apocalypse we've at least got coffee covered.

I didn't even get to see everything at the sale because it was so crowded, but it was fun to see their vintage linens, old sewing machines, and even some kind of knitting machine. I quit shopping when my arms were full.

I got all these trims for $2.50. Most of them are old (I won't say "vintage" because who the heck knows) and just plain pretty. Not to mention how fun the packaging is:

I also got a bunch of fabric for around $4 (I haven't totaled it yet but one piece was at least 10 yards alone).

And rounding off my haul were some dainty embroidered pillowcases. It was hard to photograph them and show the detail so I'll save those for another day.

Of course I love buying fabric, but the trims are my favorite. I don't use trim enough, mostly because I never have it on hand, but it's something I want to incorporate into my sewing this year. It's come in handy already, because I used one of the elastics to fix a camisole.

I've almost worn this thing to death, but it still has some life in it. Or it would, if one of the straps wasn't broken.

It literally just stretched out until it gave out. Sad. I'm kind of hard on my clothes. Anyway, this was a quick fix with this cute pink elastic:

Yes, it had that sort of stiff "I'm old" elastic feel to it, but I was confident of its ability to hold up a tiny jersey camisole. And look what it's made of!

Rubber and rayon? Is that weird to anyone else? Anyway, I cut off the old straps, leaving behind the bit where they were sewn to the cami so I knew where to sew my elastic without having to mark or pin. (If you don't have your own stash of vintage trims you can nab some elastic from Amazon here).

I measured the non-broken strap and then cut two lengths of elastic that size, plus a bit extra in order to sew it onto the cami. With about five minutes worth of work, it was good as new! Okay, the straps were as good as new.

Since I sewed it right on, the stitches show on the right side. Ask me if I care. I'll give you two guesses but you'll only need one.

Bonus: elastic straps might be the best accidental idea I've ever had. Aside from the broken strap, I haven't been able to wear this cami since I had AB and have been nursing. No problems now!

So spill: what's your megaload garage/estate/rummage sale story? Or have you been gifted with someone else's stash? I love these stories so share! And did everyone have a good Father's Day? I can't resist one photo of AB, playing in some water at my grandparents' house:


  1. I've found lots of vintage thread and linens/fabric at estate sales but never sheet sets. But last weekend I found 7 sheet sets and each set was $2! Amazing! They have been soaked twice, washed and dried in the sun and are ready to be made into something pretty!

    1. Did that wash routine help with a musty smell? I never thought about drying in the sun (like diapers?) but all that fabric I bought does have a slight odor I'd like to get rid of before sewing. Congrats on the big score!

  2. I soaked them in oxiclean and biz for 24 hours, then washed and it helped with the musty smell. The sun definitely helps! Just like with cloth diapers.

    1. Great, thanks for the tip! If it ever stops raining here, I'll try that out! :)

  3. Lol,i told my fiance about the coffee pots and said see im not only one who has more than one of stuff they like! He was cracking up!!


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