Friday, September 6, 2013

Project Runway rehash!

Vacation is over. Waaaaaah! Okay there are 3 whole days left. Mostly I'm still thinking about the delicious food I've been eating and wishing it could continue forever. Nom nom monte cristo sandwich...avocado egg rolls...

Spoilers to follow...(about Project Runway, not about my eating habits).

Things I loved:

I couldn't stop staring at the rhinestones on Heidi's tank. SPARKLES!!

I kind of liked Karen's original outfit. Especially since it meant we got to see Heidi's horrified face. Hee. I also liked the pants she made for the runway show. I'm of the opinion that leggings. are. not. pants. Even when you're working out. I still remember the first time I saw someone wearing leggings as pants when they were making a comeback years ago. It was THAT horrifying. Trauma.

Things I hated:

Helen's little secret talk with Tim (and subsequent not-sharing) was pretty petty. Yes, Ken went totally cray-cray in an unacceptable way, but...okay, no buts, the whole thing was time-consuming and boring.

Will the brand-sponsored challenges never stop???

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

Tim is such a good sport about dumb stuff like wearing a referee uniform. No eye-rolling required. Take notes, whiny designers.

Favorite garment:

Really loved Kate's. The obvious best look from the beginning. Helen's jacket was fine, but Kate's whole look was good. Kate might win this whole shebang.

Least favorite garment:

Karen's was pretty bad. I told you so about her loose silhouettes. Told. You. So. But still, Ken should have gone home after being in the bottom a zillion times. Alexandria's poopy pants definitely didn't work for activewear, despite her model's completely lackluster attempt at jogging in place.

Best line of the night:

There were a lot of them tonight!

"I mean, you don't want boobs all over the place." --Heidi

"Heidi wanted a wow piece, but I'm not sure this is the piece she wanted." --Helen's model

"Her 'activity' looks like she's going to a buffet on a cruise." --Micheal

This was mean but it still made me laugh...I'm a bad person..."I still think it's a fat chick getting a cookie." --Micheal

Don't forget to check back later today for my review of an awesome new pattern! Post will be up as soon as it's finished :)


  1. I really dislike Ken. I hope they send him home soon.
    I go to the gym 5 days a week. I would not wear any of the cloths on that runway.

    1. At the beginning, I wanted to root for Ken since it seemed like he'd been through a lot (i.e. being homeless). But his behavior has been sooooo bad. It won't be long until he's out of there.

      I guess all that workout gear was for the wintertime, since everyone made long pants and jackets?? I wouldn't buy any of it either.

  2. Ken's blow up was disturbing. My first thought on seeing it on the runway = girdle, so I felt vindicated when Nina said the same thing.

    I loved Kate's look, and as someone who runs outside year round, it appealed to me. The cowl around the neck was wonderful - enough to keep the cold air out, but not pressing against the neck.

    1. I definitely liked the cowl on Kate's. Sometimes a hood gets annoying but you still want a warm neck!

      Ken is losing any chance of doing something good after the show. Who would ever hire him in the real world?!


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