Monday, September 9, 2013

Inspiration: embroidery

A few weeks ago, Liesl from Oliver+S was in Prague, and posted lots of photos from the museums they visited. I was so inspired by the pictures of the national costumes. The hand-stitched embroidery was stunning. I can't even imagine how long these types of projects would take!

Shortly after seeing these photos, I found out my husband gets to take a trip to Germany for work. So jealous! I'd love to see these costumes in person.

While working on my Library Dress last week, I wanted to incorporate embroidery into my design. I picked up some books from the library (ha!) to learn more, but ultimately decided to use one of my sewing machine stitches for efficiency's sake.

One of my most prized possessions is an embroidery that my mom did when she was pregnant with me. It hung by the front door in their house while I was growing up, and when my husband and I bought our house she gave it to me.

(Her name has been marked out for privacy.)

Do you do any embroidery? I can see it being a very relaxing way to pass the time and a great method for personalizing garment sewing.


  1. I did more embroidery and cross-stitch when I was younger (middle school and high school age). I've recently become aware of Alabama Chanin, which is a stenciling/embroidery/applique type method. There are three books by Natalie Chanin that your library might have, and Google of course has many pictures. There is also a thread on the Stitcher's Guild about it:,20567.0.html

    1. Thanks for this! I've heard of that before but don't know anything about it. I'll look into it!


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