Friday, September 20, 2013

Project Runway rehash!

Okay. So I got a new (used) phone this week. It's exactly the same as the phone I've had for the last 4 1/2 years. Except it's in better condition. I mean, the vibrate works and all the pixels on the screen are functional, so y'know, it's an improvement. But I still drooled every time one of those iPhone 5(c) commercials came on last night. I guess I should be ashamed of my obvious materialism? Nah.

Spoilers to follow...

Things I loved:

Speaking of being jealous, I LOVED the challenge. Super fans and makeovers? How fun! No more corporate sponsorship. Two days for the challenge. Real people OMG I guess models are robots?


KEN IS GONE! Sorry, so many capital letters.

Things I hated:

Sooooooo Ken just thinks he's better than everyone else? Seriously, sharing a room with other people is pretty much a requirement on this show, so why is he too good for it?

I'm not sure if I hated it, but it was certainly awkward how the designers spoke about these "real women". Like they were all the Hunchback of Notre Dame but they were trying SO HARD to be tactful about it. Geez.

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

Can you even imagine being one of those super fans and getting to hang out with him? I'm sure he's super nice.

Favorite garment:

I guess I liked Helen's? IDK. I'm not really feeling anybody's aesthetic this season.

Least favorite garment:

Alexandria's girl looked like she was still waiting for the clothing portion of her makeover. Too bad. 

Ken's design was fugly. Why was he so forceful with the other designers, but so meek with his client? Weird.

Best line of the night:

"Stay away. One candy bar is too much and the whole table isn't enough." --Tim

"I'm always on boob patrol." --Heidi

I think this is Kate's competition to lose. Maaaaybe Alexander can pull it off if he gets his head back into it. I'm seriously so bored by all these designs, I hope that by the time the finale rolls around, I'm rooting for SOMEONE! Anyone! Am I alone here?

Lots of cute patterns today for Craftsy's Free Pattern Friday! And don't forget the Fall Sale ending tomorrow!

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