Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tips: tissue paper stabilizer

Today's tip is one that I've implemented probably a zillion times. Anytime you're sewing with a slinky, slippery fabric, place tissue paper under your fabric. This will prevent the fabric from getting sucked down into the throat plate because it gives the feed dogs something to grab.

I've used this idea for hemming almost all the knit projects you see on this blog. And who doesn't have tons of tissue paper sitting around? When you're done stitching, gently tear the paper away from the stitches. You can use tweezers to pull out any pieces stuck under the thread, or throw the garment in the washing machine to dissolve the paper.

Have you tried this trick? I LOVE it and couldn't stand to hem knits any other way!


  1. I did try using tissue paper once, but got annoyed by having to tweezer out the little bits that got stuck under the stitches - didn't think to just throw it in the washing machine though! i shoulda tried that! now i really love my walking foot for knits, it's awesome. and for slinky fabrics have you tried spray starch? I hijacked my husband's can of spray starch that he uses on dress shirts and now i spray and iron the hems of any unruly slinky fabrics. it makes it much easier, you'll have to give that one a try too =)

    1. I haven't tried spray starch, but I've been meaning to DIY some of my own. I've read that you can combine cornstarch and water and that it will work for stabilizing, as long as you keep it mixed together well.


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