Friday, August 16, 2013

Project Runway rehash!

Phew, it's been a busy week around here! Not enough sewing in my life. Also, AB has decided that she only needs to nap for 30 minutes a day. I desperately needed this hour and a half of Project Runway (plus a glass of vino!).

Spoilers to follow...

Things I loved:

Sandro's apology. Even though it made little sense, I appreciated the effort. And it didn't seem entirely too coerced.

Things I hated:

A team challenge. A sponsored challenge. An unconventional challenge. So. Over. It.

I can't stand it when people sabotage a team from the beginning (KEN). Okay, we get it, you don't like your team. But you have to get it together and TRY. Ken was too busy rolling his eyes to work on his attitude.

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

He kept it fair and wouldn't allow Sue to keep sewing as they went to the runway. Nobody wants a naked model, but he's right, it wasn't fair to the other teams. I also loved his rant about curtains, although at this point I don't understand why they send them to places that sell curtains!

Favorite garment:

I'm surprisingly meh about so many garments this year. The only one that made me say "wow" was Bradon's gown (Rate the Runway photo here). And his team was only safe. I guess I don't have the same tastes as the judges!

Least favorite garment:

I wasn't crazy about the winning dress (photo here) but I'm biased against anything resembling a peplum. Just not my style. I also disliked Kate's look. The losing team obviously had the worst "garments".

And I'm just throwing this out there...but someday Karen is going to get in trouble for making the same sheath dress over and over.

Best line of the night:

"Have you SEEN Project Runway?" -Tim (no, she hasn't Tim, that's Sue's problem...don't believe me? read her Q&A and see what she has to say about her favorite past PR designer)

I felt badly for Sue, but Tim was right, it was her time to go. I'm not sure why she wouldn't have been disqualified simply because her model finished her dress. Preeeeetty sure that's against the rules!

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