Friday, August 23, 2013

Project Runway rehash!

We went camping a lot when I was a kid, but my ungrateful 12 year old self had no idea how to enjoy it properly. I ALWAYS complained. How many of us, as adults, would give an arm and a leg for a beautiful campsite with nothing more to do than hike, stay up late, and eat marshmallows?? Sometimes I want to go back in time and punch younger-me in the face. Like, stop being a brat and racking up bad karma for future-me!

But I digress.

At least the designers managed to enjoy themselves! Spoilers to follow...oh! and this week's contest winners announced at the end : )

Things I loved:

At first I wasn't sure about the camping trip, since part of the "fun" of Project Runway is that these poor people don't get a break. But then I remembered all the unconventional challenges they've been put through already, and I changed my mind. They deserve a break! And even Debbie Downer Ken came around eventually.

I also liked that the challenge was open-ended. I'm sure that a lot of us like to "play along" at home and think about what we might design in the same situation, which is hard to do when the challenge concept is too restrictive. I think we can all find inspiration from nature without trying too hard.

Things I hated:

Another sponsored challenge. What's next? Design a high-fashion toilet paper dress, sponsored by Cottonelle?

Ken calling Alexandria a tiger, more or less to her face. Like, why? She's already unhappy with you? Why make it worse and be mean for no reason?

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

Sometimes I wonder if Tim's affection for the designers can be real, given how long he knows them (not long) and how many of them there are. But watching him use his save on Justin made me finally believe that he's being genuine. Not that I thought he was fake...just that it seemed forced to care about these people who aren't always pleasant. So kudos Tim Gunn, for having a heart in the midst of that crazy chaos!

Favorite garment:

I have a deep dark secret to confess, one that I've been hiding for a long time (since last night). I liked Alexandria's "poopy pants". I liked her whole design (Rate the Runway photos here). She was right, it was the coolest thing on the runway. Even the phrase "drop crotch" makes me cringe, but she managed to make it look cool. I'm not sure how comfortable either of her garments would be (a jacket with no shirt?) but she definitely deserved the win.

Least favorite garment:

Justin's got totally out of control (pics here). It looks even worse in photographs. Why do these designers insist on using so. much. chiffon? I also disliked Karen's. Who wants to wear anything inspired by a tent? Another shapeless dress from her. I think a different color ombré would have been much better, a bit like Michelle's "dirty" dyed coat from last season.

Best line of the night:

"...toilet of craziness." --Alexandria.

And honorable mention: "I'm not going to ask permission, I'm going to be blunt." --Tim Gunn

So who won the McCall's pattern giveaway?

The winner of the fall pattern, McCall's 6614, is KaeleyAnne!

The winner of the summer pattern, McCall's 6744, is Ashley D.!

Winners, please email me at sew110creations (at) gmail (dot) com with your shipping info! Congrats and happy weekend everyone!


  1. When Alexandria's look came down the runway, I was speechless. I said, "She's going to win". Sure drop crotch -aka- poopy pants are NOT an everyday look but that right there was fashion-editorial genius on her part. Great win.

    Poor Justin...ah. I do not think he should have been saved though.

    Also, I did not like Dom's and I really like her normally. And Bradon. Gah.

    1. I agree with ALL of that! I think Tim was upset because he thought a mean person with a bad design (Ken) should have gone home over a nice person with a design that tried too hard (Justin). At least now we don't have to hear about the save anymore!

      And I agree about Dom. I've liked her stuff so far but that dress was really off.

  2. Agree with both of you. Justin's dress made me think saloon girl costume, I think he is sweet but his garments have never been interesting.

    The muumuu was, well, a muumuu.


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