Friday, August 8, 2014

Project Runway rehash!

I know it's not Throwback Thursday, but in honor of last night's episode's theme, I bring you a very flattering photo of me from 20 years ago:

I still have this same haircut, but at least I've stopped tucking in my t-shirts.

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: Zac Posen is 34?! He seems wise beyond his years. And more than 5 years older than me.

Heidi looked amazing in the most basic black tank top. And her photos from 20 years ago look remarkably similar to now, lucky her!


Lowlight: Alexander's deer-in-headlights look was painful to watch.

Kristine complaining about Angela. Her anxiety is bothering people? SO SORRY someone is worried about her own future and it's bugging you. I didn't even see Angela talking to anyone. Leave her alone.

I hate Amanda's mauvey purple lipstick that she wears on runway days.

Best garment: Emily's jumpsuit was amazing. I'd wear it in a heartbeat (obviously). I'm on board with jumpsuits sticking around for the next 20 years, although I guess I agree with Nina that it was more "now" than "20 years from now".

Kini made jeans and two other pieces. Samantha made three pieces. All that work and they were just safe?

Char can fit. Can we all just agree that fitting is an art and not all of us are artists?

Worst garment: Amanda, ugh. Can someone get her a time machine and send her back to 1970 for good? I like her as a person, but her designs lack taste.

Sandhya what. the. JUDGES!? What are they seeing that I'm not?! I grant that she used a refreshing color, but c'mon! Her dress had Egyptian snakes on it! It was hideous!

Hernan, does your girl hang out in trash cans with Alexander's apocalypse girl?

I wasn't into Kristine's design. I've seen cutouts in the sleeves of a jacket before and the dress looked sloppy.

Best line of the night: "Alexander should really be worried, because his look is Bilbo."  --Hubby and I just finished rewatching the first two Hobbit movies, and I must say that Bilbo did not deserve this insult. Besides, we all know that nobody wears dresses in the apocalypse (ever see one on The Walking Dead?).

Honorable mention: "She looks like she's coming from The Planet of the Apes!" --Nina

This season is on very thin ice with me. I'm starting to feel the way I felt watching Gretchen on season eight, and that is not a good thing. The Sandhya love is beyond my comprehension. How did you feel about last night's episode? Can anyone explain why Sandhya won?!

Next week: Amanda's dream challenge, designing in the 70's


  1. I think she won because almost everything that went down that runway was too commercial, you could pick them all off the rack right now. I think the judges want to see more editorial (while still being well-made) clothes.

    1. You're probably right. I suppose it was the most experimental. Perhaps everyone else took the "inspired by the past" bit a little too seriously?

  2. I finally watched this episode as I was scared too and rightly so. I don't get the love for Sandhya either. I have a feeling she's going to win the show. yick.

  3. Just finished watching ( a little behind the game here) and I am stunned at Sandhya's win.
    That's all I got.


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