Friday, August 1, 2014

Project Runway rehash!

Last week, I said that I wished I was the girl for whom Angela designed. And then later I remembered that the judges said she made "slut pants". To be clear, I don't wish I wore slut pants. I just meant that I thought they were kinda cool and took some guts to wear.

Gutsy. That's what I want to be. Not slutty. Okay? This is making it worse? I'll stop.

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: Tim's pep talk with Sandhya. Not because I'm glad to see someone cheering her on...I think she was being very stubborn initially with her teammates. But this was a highlight because Tim is awesome. He's so often have you needed a cheerleader in your sewing room? I did, yesterday. Can someone make a Tim Gunn app where I can have him say something encouraging with my name at the end?

Honorable mention: Amanda's navy jumpsuit she was wearing during the runway show. LOVED! I'm now on board with a a jumpsuit that has long pants.

Lowlight: Unconventional team challenge. Ugh. Carrie's desperation on the runway was also super uncomfortable. Second-hand embarrassment anyone?

Best garment: I could not stop staring at Mitchell's dress. Sewists are magpies, right? Oooooh shiny! I was actually surprised by how many of these looks that I liked. Samantha's was pretty cool and one of the few whose materials were hard to guess (the top, anyway).

Worst garment: It was a good runway show, but I was disappointed by how many people used film. It got kind of old. Emily's was a head-scratcher and when the group gets smaller, she's going to get slammed by the judges.

Best line of the night: "It looks like the cutting room floor." --Zac  It's funny because it's true!

I was frustrated by the whole Sandhya-Carrie-Hernan thing. Sandhya started all the bad blood by being safe AND stubborn, forcing Hernan to take over and be a bully, and Carrie just went along for the ride. Sandhya ended up with the worst garment after she decided to be a team player, which means she probably will go back to being stubborn. Carrie talked too much on the runway and made too many excuses, so she was out. It probably wasn't fair. Perhaps the producers will take note and never ever ever do a team unconventional challenge again?!

Next week: the future (heh! pun!)


  1. It was an interesting runway show. I wish Angela's team hadn't been dragged from the top, those other two looks were way good. Talk about stubborn . . .

    I think Carrie could have ended up being another Kenley if she had stayed.

    1. Wow you're right, Carrie was like Kenley! I can completely imagine Kenley saying "NO...I'm supposed to go to fashion week!" if she had been eliminated early.

  2. I think that if you have immunity and it's a team challenge then you keep your mouth shut and sew what they tell you to sew. It's their butt that is on the line. I did think that Mitchell's dress was great. I was impressed with most of the garments.


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