Friday, August 15, 2014

Project Runway rehash!

I had to pause this episode a ton while watching it, so I apologize if I missed something awesome. My daughter kept climbing in my lap and giving me kisses, so I think it was worth it! :)

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: I made myself laugh when Tim came up behind Hernan for his critique and I thought it was Sandhya.

Kini finishing two hours early on the first day was I guess he didn't offer to help anyone?

Another week and another outfit I love on Heidi.

Lowlight: I thought it was petty that Amanda and Hernan assumed that Sandhya was trying to sabotage them. Really? Does she seem like a devious person? I kind of hate the show for giving her the power to choose everyone's suits...people already disliked her. Perhaps this was a lesson in why you should always be nice to people? Speaking of which, why is everyone so snippy this season? They're exhibiting behavior that you normally don't see until late in the season.

Best garment: Samantha gets passed over yet again. Not high fashion enough?

This was the first time Fade made something I liked.

I liked Alexander's also. I'm glad he pulled himself out of his tailspin from last week. I prefer to see people improve, rather than fall in on themselves.

Worst garment: Someone give Amanda a time machine and take her away from here!! I don't know what I hated more, the outfit she made for her model or the one she was wearing on the runway. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE JUDGES?!

I was kind of blah on Christine's until I saw the tape on the hem. Yikes!

Best line of the night: "Watch the boobage." --Tim

I am over this season already. The judges are nuts. The contestants are mean. Seriously, who is worth rooting for at this point?

Next week: Red carpet! Double auff'ing! Please redeem yourself show!


  1. I liked Fade look too for the first time. I don't really agree with the judges but I rarely do, however Hernan did need to go. I did think Sandhya was trying to pick the suit that best went with the designer I didn't feel she was trying to sabotage anyone, but that was just my take. The designers are all pretty talented this year even if they are not all my taste.

    1. I agree, there are no stinkers here, just fashion I don't like!

  2. I'm already over this season too. I just don't know why they don't go ahead and announce Sandhya as the winner because the judges have already made their decision.

    1. It seems like they do this every year. Having success early on this show is everything.


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