Friday, May 2, 2014

Me Made May '14: Week One

Happy Me Made May everyone! If you don't know, MMM is a chance for sewing enthusiasts around the world to join together in a month-long show-off of their creations! Can we call it a wear-along? Each Friday I'll be posting a weekly round up of all the garments I wore. Here's what was happening this week!

Click the link to be taken to the corresponding blog post. Scroll down to see details of the rest of each outfit.

You may have noticed something else on the photograph from today...bangs! I got a little chop-happy with my scissors this morning. I figured that if I was going to take pictures of myself every day this month, I should mix it up a bit! I've already regretted it, loved them, re-regretted, and re-loved. Y'know, the usual with a new haircut!

Are you participating in #mmmay14? Watching from the sidelines? In awe of all the beautiful garments made by so many talented people? I am!

Day 1: grey tank from Old Navy (maternity tank!) // skinny jeans from Old Navy
Day 2: brown leggings, thrifted // brown boots from DSW


  1. Hair looks good! I don't remember the plaid button up, I must go look at the blog post. That is something on my want to make list.

    1. It's from a looooong time ago, made during my early beginner days. It has a lot of stuff wrong with it, but I learned a lot making it!


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