Friday, May 23, 2014

Me Made May '14: Week Four

One more week to go! MMM hasn't been particularly tough for me, the hardest part has been wearing something different every day. I guess I have my favorites! But it's a good thing to get all my lovely handmade goodies out in the daylight. So what did I wear this week?

Perfect Slouchy Tank, S1879 shorts // Coastal Breeze dress (unblogged) // Plantain tee hack // infinity dress (unblogged)

Wow, it looks like I wore "complete" me-made outfits 4 times this week! Did you notice that my super-fail New Look pants slipped in there? I did yard work that morning and just threw them on to run to the grocery store. My husband begged me not to wear them...and he wasn't even going with me! I have actually made some changes to them so they're less awful, I'll get around to blogging it sometime! Along with my Renfrew, and my second Coastal Breeze, and maybe that infinity dress...I've got a bit of a backlog right now! Honestly, I made the infinity dress a LONG time ago and I hate it. Far too fiddly.

Day 18: brown cardi from...I have no idea
Day 19: jeans from The Limited
Day 21: black eyelet shorts, thrifted (they're from Old Navy)


  1. Really liking that Plantain hack! I'm kinda glad this is the last week for MMM. It's made me realize how much sewing I have to do!!

    1. I know, I just want my Wardrobe Architect sewing to be done so I have more cohesion!


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