Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sewing Project: McCall's 6744

Sooooooo I don't own any maxi dresses. Didn't. I think that's some sort of sin in the sewing world, especially for someone who loves knits (me). I felt dumb buying a pattern when they seem so straightforward, but then I was too chicken to draft/try my own and ruin 2+ yards of fabric. Dumb. Last week when I found out Hobby Lobby was selling McCall's patterns for $1, I zoomed over there and picked this one up!

I combined two views, the cross-over top of View C/D, with the maxi skirt of View B. The fabric is some kind of jersey (maybe rayon?) from Girl Charlee. I got it in a Bargain Box and I haven't been able to find it on the website to know what it is. It's thin, semi-transparent, almost a sweater knit. It was kind of a B to sew on my regular machine AND my serger, though the serger was a zillion times better.

If I had a choice, I would make the bodice a little bit smaller. Not an uncommon complaint from me for McCall's patterns (I always cut the smallest size). By the way, AB has learned that when I push the self-timer button on my camera, that it's time to walk over to the wall and pose. Sooooo yeah, she's going to be in all these photos. Ten seconds isn't long enough for me to get her out of the way AND pose.

I'm 5'4" and the skirt was originally way too long. I checked the finished measurements and thought I would be good, but I guess I was wrong! This is a photo before hemming.

I took off a good 3 inches. This time around I did it the wrong way, by cutting straight off the hem. Next time, I'll remove it from the lengthen/shorten lines so that I can keep the wide cut of the hem.

I definitely do think there will be a next time with this pattern. I might stay away from the maxi length until I decide if it's going to drive me crazy. Summer=shedding pets which means maxi skirt=Swiffer.

Oh! I cut the bodice with the stripes on an angle. Definitely breaks up the stripes and gives your eyes a direction to follow. I also liked the detail of the elastic in the shoulders, it's cute and interesting.

Make sure you wear a cami with this dress. The crossover is loosely designed, it won't provide full coverage. You can tell that just from looking at the pattern envelope, I think. If you're looking for an easy maxi dress pattern, then snatch this up during the next $1 McCall's sale. It's well worth it!

Thrifty Thursday is here! If you're sewing for the fall already, then check out the Annabelle Jacket at Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop, on sale for only $4 today! Trust me, anyone can make a coat using these patterns, I made the Olivia & Oliver Pea Coat with only a few months sewing experience!


  1. I love how easy breezy it looks on you!!

    I cut this pattern out last night, hope to get it sewed this weekend. Was it too much ease for you?? I was utterly in shock at the finished garment measurements. Sheesh.

    And THANK YOU for the pattern link! I was just, JUST looking for a jacket pattern to make up for my friend's little girl!

    1. Yes, I do think there's too much ease, and in my case it was also too long. I have narrow shoulders anyway so next time I'll take some excess out from center back. The front pieces are sort of a weird shape so I haven't decided how to adjust those.

      You're welcome about the Annabelle jacket, it's so cute I wish I could make one in my size!

  2. Very nice summery dress! I like how you positioned the stripes :) Your daughter is so cute, must be hard to resist, jumping in alongside mom in her pretty new outfits!:)

    And P.S, I find patterns usually have *way* too much ease (the big 4 anyway, and even New Look too, for that matter). I always like it when patterns have the finished measurements printed on the tissue. :)

    1. I agree, the extra ease is often ridiculous! But I'm not really sure how to address it when I'm already cutting the smallest size!

  3. I did not know that Hobby Lobby had $1 McCall pattern sales. Would you mind sharing how to be alerted when they go on sale? I looked at their weekly special online and it wasn't there. I just sign up for email list, so maybe that way...?

    1. I went to this page and clicked on the weekly specials. It was noted in their ad. I don't get their emails so I'm not sure if that will say.

      It's all the way on the other side of town from me, so I don't go there that often. I've lucked out a couple times and coincidentally been there when they're having pattern sales, so they must have them semi-regularly like Jo-Ann's.


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