Friday, July 19, 2013

Project Runway rehash!

Warning! If you haven't watched last night's premiere, then stop reading! Spoilers ahead!

You guysssss...I'm a genius. I mean, if you've been reading then you already know that. But now I mean it in relation to Project Runway. What did I say about Angela? I'll remind you: "She likes to plan and collaborate. Sounds like a time-sucking strategy, I don't think she'll get too far in the competition."

See? Genius.

Things I loved:

Heidi at the airport. How do I make myself look like her?? Not just kind of. I mean exactly. Minus the Seal tattoo.

Zac Posen. When he called out Timothy for wearing high heels even though he made his model go barefoot, and for burning nylon. Hehe.

All the new changes (except a returning contestant). The "blind" runway show, the judges getting a closer look at the garments, the Mood budget system, loved it all!

Timothy's model bailing on his "performance art" and doing her regular walk. Hehe!

Things I hated:

Timothy's high heels.

Helen's bad attitude.

Kate showing up instead of Ramon. Guess I should have voted...

Best line of the night:

"She looks like a slutty cat toy." --Zac Posen about Sandro's model

Tonight's reason why I love Tim Gunn:

"Timothy..." Long pause. "What are you doing to your model?"

Favorite garment:

Ken's orange and pink dress (photo from Rate the Runway here). His was the only garment that didn't look like parachute material, which I THOUGHT was the point of the unconventional challenge?

Least favorite garment:

Angela made a parachute out of a parachute. Boring.

Random thoughts...

Jeremy made pants! Dom made three pieces! Why were they just safe?

I love Ken. On The Road to the Runway special he said he's been homeless 4 times and had to just keep going. He's got some spunk!

 Sandro and Alexandria might just be crazy.

Your thoughts on the premiere??

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