Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pink Lace Jasmine Bra

One of the awesome benefits to sewing your own clothes is that you can customize a look however you want. Last summer, I made a Hey June Santa Fe top with lace insets. It's super fun and pretty and I can't wait to wear it this summer (now that I'm not pregnant and can!).

I mentioned in my review at that time that the insets are low enough to show off whatever bra you're wearing. No biggie, I have pink bras. But it randomly hit me one day while I was driving (second only to "falling asleep" as when I have my best ideas) that I still had yardage of the lace, why don't I make a matching bra??

One afternoon and bam, it was done. This is the Jasmine Bra from Ohhh Lulu. It's my second one (first here), so it went pretty quickly. This is a small. For reference I wear a 32D.

The bra is lined with pink milliskin fabric which I bought at Girl Charlee, and actually the lace is from there too. Since it was lace yardage, and not lace trim, there is no scalloped edge. I used picot elastic trim to finish the bra, which I bought at a local-ish fabric store ages ago. They were selling scrap 1-yard pieces for cheap so I bought a ton. They've been working great for bras and undies which only need small pieces anyway. The nude elastic and hook and eye are from Sew Sassy Fabrics.

The straps are 1/4" pre-made straps, also from Sew Sassy. They're not my favorite. They're too narrow (the pattern calls for 1/2" strapping) but they matched the bra, and they work with the shirt as I intended, so it's fine. Just not a lot of perk happening with 1/4" straps. Or with a soft bra, for that matter.

It's so fun having a top/bra matching combo! I'm dying to make some backless tops and pretty show-off bras as well. I mean, it may be a bit much for a mom of three, but I've been breastfeeding on and off for over five years. Showing my bra is the least of my concerns. In fact, showing my bra is guaranteed to happen, might as well make it pretty!

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  1. What a great idea. I love that top so much I bought the pattern and used some art gallery knit. Your fabric is gorgeous though K xXx


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