Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wool French terry Halifax Hoodie

Sometimes you get lucky and find that one of a kind fabric. And even more rarely, it gets sewn up into something amazing that you get to love on forever. Here's hoping that this hoodie lasts me forever, because I love it super hard!

This is my first crack at the Halifax Hoodie from Hey June (see my other one here, with a more in-depth pattern review). I made a medium, and it's a little too big, but I mostly don't care. It doesn't feel too big when I'm wearing it, it feels cozy and warm.

My fabric is wool. French. terry. WOOL FRENCH TERRY. I don't think I've ever seen such a thing besides this one, which I purchased from Mood maybe a year ago. And it's navy and grey, two of the four colors that I wear regularly (the others being pink and black). It's kind of like this fabric was made for me, as I'm fairly wool-obsessed when it comes to my kids (Google the company Sloomb and you'll see what I mean) and I'm trying to incorporate more of it into my wardrobe.

I have some scratchy wools hanging out in my stash, but this isn't one of them. It's very soft, and even though the loops are large and pronounced it's not rough. And it's basically reversible. This hoodie is only made from one fabric, the solid color is the back of the stripes.

The only issue I had was sewing it. No matter what I did with my serger tension, the stitches were showing. So I made it a ~design feature~ and all the seams are sort of like flatlock stitches. I suppose I could have changed to navy thread...oh well! I like it the way it is.

It took me so long to sew this up because I couldn't decide how to pretreat the fabric. It is not washable, according to Mood. In the end, I did nothing (runs and hides in a corner). I handwash my kids' wool pants (see note above about Sloomb!) so whenever this gets dirty, I'll handwash it. I have special soap on hand for just such a thing. But the amazing thing about wool is that it resists odors well and is durable. I mentioned that the hoodie was buried in the back of my van, I finally pulled it out and it had no musty smell at all.

I've been wearing this like crazy during our weird not-spring-not-winter weather. So here's a kick in the pants for you to pull out your favorite stash fabric and sew something with it!

Update July 2017: This post contains affiliate links. Text of the original post remains the same!


  1. I'm a navy and gray person too (though I don't wear much black, and I do wear *all* the other colors). Wool french terry sounds like a dream!

  2. I have come to the conclusion that when you buy fabric, just purchase the exact same for me and send the bill. This looks so cozy!

    1. I wish I had more of this to send you! But I made a mistake cutting the cowl and now I just have this weird scrappy piece left.

  3. I just pulled out this men's silk tie fabric I have been hoarding for years, and am making a summer dress with it. The weather has been so weird lately that it's put me off of sewing warm winter things. Love your hoodie!

  4. I almost bought that fabric and it was sold out. It was recently restocked and sold out instantly.
    I have another piece of wool French terry from Etsy which I can't wait to sew. When I see them online I grab them because they are hard to find and oh, so soft.
    Kathy C.

    1. I didn't know it ever restocked! I'd love more. Hope you can score some eventually!

  5. I love that fabric and WOOL! I just got some cotton french terry which I was excited about. Don't believe you can't wash it... get some eucalyptus wool wash or whatever you use, and hand wash in tepid water. I haven't seen a wool you can't wash.... but do not rub together as this will felt it... leave it sit in the water and just squeeze it with your hands if you must. Squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry. Do a test piece first of course but I don't think there is a sheep that can't get wet!


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