Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hey June Santa Fe Top

The newest pattern from Hey June is out and it's perfect for summer! It's not so perfect for my 8 months pregnant body, but that didn't stop me from buying and making it immediately, and I think you'll be able to see why.

Last year, if you recall, I had a baby in May, which meant I could wear all my non-maternity summer clothes, right? Wrong. My body didn't bounce back as quickly with baby #2 and I was uncomfortable (mentally) in most of my fitted summer tank tops. In general, I'm pretty happy/confident in my appearance, but that transition phase was brutal. This year I'm due in July, so less summer to get through, but I don't want to be uncomfortable for any of it. The Santa Fe Top is a tank top with a fitted bust that is loose through the bodice. This is exactly the silhouette I'll need to hide all those postpartum lumps but will still feel flattering. The Santa Fe is designed for use with drapey knits, think ITY or rayon knits, rather than stable ones like cotton/Lycra. In addition to a tank there is a dolman top to transition into fall. I made View E which has insets on the sides, almost like a raglan except in a tank top. View D is the same but has a narrow cut (most notable in the shoulders).

I don't have a ton of experience with Hey June patterns (even though I own four!), and I think the only one I've made so far is my quilted Union St. Tee, right before I got pregnant. That one was a medium (an attempt at sizing up and making a sweatshirt) and it was just too big. I decided this meant my non-pregnant Hey June size must be a small, so that's what I made here. It may not be exactly right, but who knows, since this isn't my regular body.


As far as fabric, I've had this polyester knit for a few years and I always wanted it to be a tank top. It's from Mood and I don't think photos do it justice, it's gorgeous.

Obviously polyester will be hot in summer, but since I used lace panels on the side I hope it will be fine. The stretch lace is from Girl Charlee. I originally bought it for bra making, but it's just been sitting around after I lost steam on that idea. I was super inspired by one of the tester versions that used lace in this way. I was so inspired, in fact, that I blazed ahead without thinking (bad idea) and made a bunch of mistakes with the lace. Let's just say the obvious: use French seams if you're going to use lace. Duh. 

Because I love you all, I'm going to post ONE photo of my preggo self wearing this top. For research. I do not think this is a flattering look and I will not be wearing this top until baby is outside of me, but I thought people might be curious if it could work for maternity. I think it COULD if you don't mind the tent look, but you'd need to add some length. The pattern instructions do tell you how to do that (for regular people, not maternity) and also give a styling guide for where this top should hit on the hips for the ideal look.

One other detail to mention about a sheer inset: your bra is going to show. I'm wearing a bright coral bra in the photo below so it should be obvious. I honestly would wear this out and about and it wouldn't bother me, but it may bother someone else, so it's worth mentioning.

As with the Union St. Tee, instructions were excellent and assembling the pdf was easy (layered sizes!). It did get a little tricky following the instructions since there are so many views, but really, it's a simple tank top. The instructions were kind of superfluous for me. I did leave mine un-hemmed because of the extreme slinky drape of the curved hem. In other words, I'm lazy. My only complaint about the pattern itself is the estimated yardage needed. The pattern calls for 2+ yards for all views, all sizes. That's pretty obviously wrong. A small tank top does not require 2 yards, especially if you use a contrasting fabric for the insets, as I did. I was able to cut the front and back center pieces from less than a yard of a 60" wide piece.

This pattern has a ton of potential, with 6 different views. Fancy patterns are nice, but I love how well Hey June does simple tees, tanks, and raglans. I hope to get at least one more Santa Fe done before baby arrives, maybe from these green and blue remnants I've had lingering in my stash?

Would you believe that I've filled my large Sewist's Notebook?!? Good thing I've got the small one as backup. If you need another, use code MYSTORY20 at checkout for 20% off! But hurry, coupon code expires at midnight eastern.

Update July 2017: This post contains affiliate links. Text of the original post remains the same!


  1. Thanks for the heads up about: amount of fabric (I cut view C, no center seams, from 1 yard 60" wide), french seams and bra showing under the arms. So, yeah, the entire post, haha!

  2. I bought this pattern as soon as I seen it come out. It's my first Hey June pattern. This style of top is my jam. I think you look totally cute in it with your pregnant belly. :)

  3. Love your lace inset sides! I've already made two Santa Fes, but I think I'm going to have to make another with some lace. Very cute!

  4. I think this looks great on you right now! Wear it now,and wear it after! I hadn't heard of this pattern yet, but I'm seriously tempted to go buy it... I was going to follow Heather B's tutorial on making a swing dress from a regular tee pattern, but I think this would be easier and have some fun variations!

  5. The top looks great. The print is gorgeous for summer.


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