Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

Major spoilers ahead...

The finale! Feels kind of weird when it's not a long, drawn-out thing with home visits and lengthy judging. And of course, having only 4 days to make an entire collection is just cruel. Even with help. But if I talk about that, then I'm a broken record. I can't wait for the season when they finally make a collection in one day! (sarcasm)

There were a few things I did like about this final challenge. I like that they included one male model. I liked that the inspiration was given to them but was also open-ended enough that it could mean anything. I liked the $3000 budget. I liked the helpers. All good stuff.

Now on to the collections! To be honest, I agreed with the audience member who said she liked them all for different reasons. Given the quality over the full season, these collections were impressive.

See all the collections here.

Dom: Her painted textiles were interesting, but I agreed wholeheartedly with Georgina on two things. First, the impressionistic textile was MUCH more successful than the striped one. Second, the prints actually detracted from the silhouettes. She had cool silhouettes but you couldn't even focus on them because of the textiles. Of course, it's better to have too much of a good thing than too little, so I can't blame her for her approach.

Dom's menswear look was terrible. She did what every Project Runway designer does with menswear, she made a long shirt to cover some crappy pants. Blah. This look was my favorite.

Ken: His collection was certainly the most commercial and the least original in terms of design. It was a perfectly nice collection, and great work for him. I think he was one who would have benefited from a lengthy time at home where he could push himself and try a lot of things.

His menswear look was a nod to one of his womenswear looks, which I thought was cool and clever. This look was my favorite.

Kini: I have to give him this, Kini put on the best SHOW. He started slowly with some cool monotone outfits, then added crazy details, then added crazy textiles, then went with crazy details AND textiles. I hated it all, of course, but he did have a point of view and put on a show. I felt kind of badly for him when he talked about losing his season and how that affected him. I feel worse, now, that he lost again.

The top half of his menswear look was the best of the bunch. This look was my favorite.

So we all knew Dom was going to win, right? I did think for a few minutes that they might give it to Kini but I think the judges made the right call. And now we've all been put out of our misery for this boring season. When does real PR start again??

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  1. OK, LOL at hating all of Kini's collection.

    It was refreshing to have helpers who, you know, helped, instead of creating drama.


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