Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ohhh Lulu Lacy Jasmine Bra Set

Ages and ages ago (two years, in fact, by the date on my notes) I got a bit obsessed with the idea to sew a bunch of lingerie. I say "a bunch" because it's difficult to order small quantities of notions and fabric online, and you'll get far more bang for your buck if you plan well and order a lot at once. I got halfway through my plans (the Anna Crossover Bra and a nursing tank) and lost steam. Last month, when Sarah over at Ohhh Lulu announced she was having a Valentine's Day sewalong, I used that as motivation to return to my previous plans. I'm so glad I did!

Ta-da! The prettiest thing I've ever made. Part of my 2015 plans had included making a Jasmine Bra, but I never got around to even buying the pattern. I'm super happy I have it now, because I think it's one I'll come back to over and over. It's not complicated to sew, even with stretch lace. The directions are great and Sarah's videos on her YouTube channel are even better.

I made my life infinitely easier by purchasing a bra and underwear making kit from Tailor Made Shop. They sent extra yardage of a lot of items, which was awesome. They shipped quickly and the materials are high quality. I'll definitely be using them again.

When I made the Anna Crossover Bra, I assumed I'd need a FBA because I was nursing. I learned that I didn't really, even though I'm a D cup. So this time I made a small without adjustments and it fits great! I made a muslin to confirm ahead of time, since I am nursing and my cup size varies. Sorry, no modeled photo as even in black and white and with my head cut off, it wouldn't be appropriate! The lace and mesh together are still pretty sheer.

Just listen to all the bra people out there who say you need to basically make a whole bra to get your fit down. This was my first time dealing with rings, sliders, bra back closures, etc. That's what I love about sewing, no matter how long you've been doing it there's always something new to try or learn.

Even though I had the kit, I still ended up using a few notions I'd bought at Sew Sassy Fabrics. The kit came with a hook and eye set that wasn't long enough, but luckily I had hook and eye tape so I could cut it to fit. I also didn't have a G-hook, so I used additional bra strapping on the back T-strap. The bra doesn't unhook here, I just have to pull it over my head.

The underwear looks similar to the Ohhh Lulu Claudia Hipsters pattern, but it's actually "self" drafted. I started with the free pattern from So, Zo... since I've made it a lot and know for sure that it fits. From there, I extended and straightened the sides of the back piece, and shortened and angled the front piece until it looked right.

I did make a muslin and ended up shortening the back rise to better fit the width of the stretch lace (which I believe was 6"). Plus added a center-back seam. The lace was still a little bit narrow but I improvised, and there's a back peek-a-boo triangle where I didn't have enough width.

I also, like an idiot, cut off the scallop along the leg. I was able to piece it back together but c'mon dumb! Don't sew or cut on no sleep. I think these are so cute and if more stretch lace comes my way it will be an easy sew.

I love this cute little set, even if it's mostly impractical. Now all I need are some backless tops in my summer wardrobe so I can show off the bra! Not kidding, I pinned a bunch...

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  1. Beth, these came out fabulously! Love the colour of the lace.


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