Thursday, February 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday Birthday Post

Five years ago today, I became a mom. Roughly four years ago, I started my blog, and AB frequently modeled the simply terrible beginner garments I sewed for her. It's a funny thing, how she grew right along with my own sewing skills. I don't often look through my blog archives, but I took a wander down memory lane in honor of AB's birthday. Cue tears (just kidding...I like having a big kid who can talk to me and say funny things and bring me my water bottle and help with the little kids...oh, and that tiny detail where older kids SLEEP).
The red coat and fur hat (top left) are now being worn by Baby M, and those two are my favorite garments from my early days. Over time, I've made fewer items for AB, but usually of higher quality and longevity. If I had to choose one all-time favorite, it's probably the Belle dress. A year and a half later and it's still a frequent dress up item.
Happy Birthday AB, I hope five is the best year yet!

For more kid's clothes, click on the "projects for kids" and "projects for baby" tags in the sidebar.

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