Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nantucket Swimsuit

My favorite four year old is two weeks away from becoming my favorite five year old, and to celebrate she's having a pool party! Don't worry, it's indoors. But the only swimsuit she had was a cheapo one she's worn twice and the color bled all over it after the first wash. Not exactly birthday party worthy. We (I) decided on an Under the Sea theme, so it felt appropriate to conjure up some sort of Ariel-inspired bathing suit for her.

I've owned the Nantucket Swimsuit pattern for a while but haven't made it before. Now that I'm the mother of three girls, I expect it will get a lot of use. It was pretty easy to hack it into the look that I wanted. I simply colorblocked the top portion, then sewed a basting stitch and gathered the center-front. In retrospect I should have sewed a piece of elastic there, it would have been more stable, but this should do for now. If she pops the stitches I'll go back and add elastic.

The green and purple swim fabric is from Jo-Ann's. The lining is pink milliskin from Girl Charlee, which I bought ages ago. It was damaged by glue during shipping and has retained some wonky stains, so it was perfect for a swimsuit lining where nobody will see it.

I started out using my serger for construction, but I quickly remembered the issue with that. On a swimsuit, the fabric is stretched to the max and my stitches always show through. If someone has a solution, please let me know, but I ended up doing most of the construction and topstitching on my sewing machine. A three-step zig-zag worked way better for topstitching than a regular zig-zag. I would have preferred to use my coverstitch to topstitch but I didn't have matching cone thread. The back binding is suuuuuper wonky, it got stretched and wavy. I started to rip it out, but zig-zag+three layers of swim fabric=a whole lotta nope. It looks worse laying flat than it does when it's on and moving around. I also think it's kind of just the way this pattern is drafted, that low scoop back doesn't look perfectly flat on many tester photos either. Next time I may raise the scoop.


3 step zig-zag

I ended up making a 4T chest size with a 5T length, but did take it in a little bit at the side seams. I also sewed the lining and outer separately and and then basted them WS together so that the seams would be hidden, this was different than the directions and I'm not really sure why. It wouldn't have been much harder. It also gives you a chance to fit it before sewing, you can fit the lining and then work on the outer shell. Other than that, the directions were great, per usual. I promise, anyone with patience can make a swimsuit. This is my fourth or fifth one, I finally tried on my old Bombshell swimsuit the other day, in anticipation of the party. It stills fits great, two babies later and it hides all the lumps without making me feel like a frumpy mom.

Grab your own Nantucket or one of many swim patterns from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. I am an affiliate but my opinion on this pattern is my own, and I purchased it myself.

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