Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

Here's the thing about these year-end wrap-ups: I like them when other people write them, but I'm having a hard time making them fit me. You see, I'd love to reflect on sewing accomplishments, but I'd rather save that for my Sewversary in May. I'd have fun looking back at blogging, but I'll be doing that at the end of January for my first Blogiversary.

So how about a super broad random wandering list of highlights from 2013?

I started (and maintained!) a sewing blog.

I published two books.

AB had her first overnight stay without her parents (and we all survived, haha!).

I learned a lot about sewing, blogging, and photography.

I kept my New Year's Resolution to avoid buying new clothing.

Two of my best friends got married, two weeks apart.

I participated in my first Me-Made-May.

AB started sleeping through the night (around 14 months old...yeah, I was one tired mama for a loooong time).

I only have one dark spot on this year, which is completely shallow: it was the year of TV Armageddon. Three of my favorite shows (The Office, Breaking Bad, and Dexter) all went off the air. I'm gonna go cry now...

The year went so fast, but when I look back and make a list I see that it was full of milestones and fun. Here's to a new year with more of the same! Be safe tonight everyone and happy 2014!

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