Friday, December 13, 2013

Project Runway rehash!

Ugggggh I thought I had a good immune system until I had a kid. I understand that toddlers are germ magnets, but does AB really have to sneeze in my face and share my drinks? Let's just hope that illness is out of our house by Christmas. Better to get it over with now, I suppose!

Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

I'm always happy when there's a red carpet challenge. Aside from just loving pretty dresses, I think it's the most fair kind of challenge. If you can't design a dress for a runway then...well...what can you do? Also, that QVC lady was intense...okay...she was downright scary!

Tim Gunn's new show!!!! Can't wait.

Oooooo having a photographer in the workroom? That was pretty cool. Instant feedback!

Things I hated:

Wow Zanna was really mean. I've been disappointed with her "mentoring" this season. Seems like all she does is tell people they've made crap. Tim is great because he starts with the assumption that the garment is good any only needs editing. I think Zanna starts with the idea that the designs aren't that great and her very special opinion is what they need to be better.

Favorite garment(s):

You know it's a bad runway show when Elena's gown was one of my favorites.

Seth Aaron's was a bit too tortured but I liked his fabric.

Christopher's. Gorgeous. Very him and very pretty. Easily on a best-dressed list. I'm glad he knew the right moment to pull out his signature texture work.

Least favorite garment:

Viktor and Irina...oh my. Why so tight??

I'd have to put Korto's in the "bad" category just because of the fit. I know we saw a bra on her model but you wouldn't know it with how loose the top was.

Best line of the night:

"Of course, Irina shows no emotion so I have no idea how she's feeling." --Korto

"And the dress said 'oh, you wanna walk? I got ya. Now you can walk girl.'" --Korto

What was up with Irina blaming her model for the dress ripping? "She tore it..." NO, Irina, your dress ripped because it was crappy. It's not like your model had scissors in her pocket. And it had leather flowers on it? I admit I was surprised by her elimination but also very happy. She's the worst.

I had a feeling that Korto's might win simply because it was a loose maxi dress (as Viktor said). QVC wants to sell stuff and I know they can easily sell watered-down polyester chiffon (probably for $300). I've seen some beautiful chiffon dresses online from Anthropologie and they're always a zillion dollars for freaking polyester. Hooray for being able to sew!


  1. Irina's model probably ripped the dress when she almost fell walking up the stairs. I guess Irina wasn't listening when they said the model needed to be able to walk in the dress.

    1. I think Irina heard them, she probably just didn't care :)

    2. Obvious not the models fault. Sad for the designer.


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