Thursday, December 19, 2013

McCall's 6173: Leggings

Maaaaan I haven't sewn anything for myself in almost 2 months! Wow. Actually, I'm okay with that. I like sewing for others. But somewhere in the middle of Christmas gifts and endless coat muslins, I decided I needed to zone out and listen to the soothing sounds of my serger sewing something selfish (holy alliteration Batman!). Also, that's a joke, because my serger is insanely loud.

You're probably looking at this pattern and thinking I wasted my dollar. McCall's 6173 is for leggings in three different versions--regular, extra-long and scrunchy, and with a zipper on the ankle. To me, it's worth $1 for the pattern because I don't have giant pieces of pattern lying around on which to draft my own. And after making these, I'm so pleased with the results that I can't wait to make more!

Um, I guess that smudge on my camera that I thought I was imagining is real. Sorry. I cut these out a looooong time ago, but I didn't have matching serger thread so the pieces were sitting in my UFO pile. Eventually I decided I no longer cared about the thread situation and just wanted them done.

The fabric is rayon/spandex jersey from Girl Charlee. It is so. soft. There is a heathered effect to the fabric that I'm not sure you can see in the photos. It's lightweight but opaque and very warm.

Smuuuuuudge, ugh.

I made View C, which is the version with scrunchy hems. My ankles are always cold (what a strange thing to be always cold) and so the extra fabric in that area is appreciated. Mine are a size x-small, and the only adjustment I needed was to take a wedge out of center-back to adjust for my shockingly flat butt. I used my 3-step zig-zag stitch to make the elastic casing and for the hems.

Can you see the scrunchies?

These make great day-to-day leggings but I'm thinking of making a pair in a thermal fabric for pajamas. I saw these adorable jammies at Target (foxes!) and I kinda want to blatantly copy them. My fleece pajama pants are warm and all, but they move around too much when I'm sleeping and drive me nuts.

Have you made leggings? Drafted your own? I've heard good things about the Espresso leggings from Cake, but I'm happy enough with this McCall's pattern.


  1. Those look great, and I like the color. Haven't made any of my own, but now I have seen this pattern, could happen!

    1. They're so easy to make, I don't know why it took me this long!

  2. Awesome leggings. I had to pop over and read about them (from PR) because I just got this pattern myself. Sometimes it's nice to have a pattern - not draft one - even for simple leggings :) Great job! They look fab!

    1. Thanks, I keep finding excuses to wear them so you know it was a successful project!

  3. I love your leggings, I have this pattern and the fabric since last Christmas! I agree it is nice to do a quick project for ourselves.

    1. You should make them! They're so quick and I've worn mine way more often than I care to admit :)


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