Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Black Friday Haul

If I don't post tomorrow, it's because my husband read today's post and made an end of me. Just kidding! sorta...check the newspapers...

I did get some deals on Christmas presents for other people over Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but I'm not posting them here so as not to spoil the surprise! Did you buy fabric over Thanksgiving weekend? There were some good deals out there!

Oh Girl Charlee. Knits are such a weakness of mine and their sale was too good to resist. But that lovely print on the far left was $1.50/yard!! And I've had my eye on it for a long time. The pink knit on the far right is cotton ponte from Mood. I already had a yard of it but I needed a yard and a half for my particular project (it's a secret!) so I was happy to get more at 20% off.

Jo-Ann's had some pretty good deals as well, and an un-advertised one was 75% off remnants. Whoa. I overexposed this photo so you could see the color differences. The two on the left are linen blends and the one on the right is a stretch denim. Leggings for AB! The linen pieces are both 1 yard and ended up being about $1.25 each. I also picked up a bunch of interfacing at Jo-Ann's since it was 50% off plus a 25% off total purchase coupon. Plus buttons and thread were buy one get one free. Worth leaving the house at 7:30am with no coffee!

I normally churn out a lot of projects quickly, but my husband's winter coat has slowed down my pace. My two cubbies of un-cut knits are...what's the word...full? Stuffed? Refusing to hold any more? Yeah. Better get on that once this coat is done!

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