Friday, April 5, 2013

Project Runway recap: spoiler alert!

I gotta be honest: I am not all there today. A few nights ago, the stomach bug that AB had on Easter caught up to me and my husband at the same time. No good. I did manage to get a good night's sleep last night, but this morning I felt like my insides were eating each other. I guess that's what happens when you can barely eat for almost a day. So if this recap makes no sense...sorry, my brain is busy trying to live.

This episode made me sad. Everyone was so. mean. From Stanley's controlling crazy-pants treatment of Tu, to Michelle's predictions of what "terrible" clothing everyone else was making, it was just exhausting to watch so much negativity. Not to mention Patricia's self-destruction. Any episode where I find myself agreeing with Layana not once, but twice (when she told Kate not to worry about French seams, and when she told Patricia to just do something herself rather than teach Richard) must mean that the episode is in bizarro-world.

Man I love Heidi.

Daniel's was so well made, but he always has the same problem. He makes one great piece, but can't round it out properly. His pink jacket from a few weeks back would have been great with white shorts. This yellow jacket would have been awesome with a simple tulle skirt, as Zac suggested. I think Daniel is the perfect person to go to fashion week, because if he has enough time to make an entire collection then he could work out all those kinks.

The more I looked at Stanley's the more I wanted it, which made me feel terrible, since it only came to be because of his horrible bossiness. It looks very expensive and the jacket would go with anything.

Layana's was so boring to me. Didn't Patricia make something just like this already?

Hehe. No pants and a t-shirt. Michelle didn't listen to Nina!!! I did love her outfit but the judges were all right about it. And this whole one last shot mystery thing? Very weird. Especially when they show previews for next week and Michelle is nowhere to be found.

I'm whole-heartedly rooting for Daniel to win this season. Everyone else is so nasty and Patricia is just not doing it for me.

Well, back to sitting around in my pajamas for the third day in a row. Wish us luck that this bug gets out of here soon!

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