Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I'm Reading: Downtown DIY Sewing

I'm not so much reading this book as I am flipping through it and smacking myself in the face. A few weeks before Christmas, something wonderful happened. A Half Price Books opened up in town. And not just any Half Price Books, a Half Price Books OUTLET. Which means a strange selection of items, but all items for super cheap. There is a small selection of crafting/sewing books, so I like to go in there every now and then to see what gems I can find. This book was one of them.

I bought this book for something like $2 or $3. There are a few patterns and also some design ideas with general dimensions. It's worth...about $2 or $3 : ) I had stuck it in my stack of sewing books and forgotten about it, because there was nothing there that I wanted to sew right that second. This week, I was flipping through it again, and lo and behold there it was! A pencil skirt! With a waistband and a lining!

I felt pretty stupid. After obsessing over pencil skirts for a week or so, it was startling to see that I already had a pattern for exactly what I wanted. But, I think I can set aside my feeling of stupidity and get to work on the skirt just as soon as I decide on something for the lining.

The other project in this book that drew me in is the tunic pictured on the cover. It's different and certainly cute. The biggest drawback of this book is that it's pretty sketchy on the details of recommended fabrics, and there aren't many pictures of the finished garments. It's a cute top, but not one I want to try making without the right fabric.

There are a few non-clothing sewables in here as well. There is a fabric necklace, a circle bag, and an MP3 cover. If you see this book at your local discount bookstore, I say go for it. The layout and design of the book is very cool, and the artwork is different and fun. It would make a nice addition to any sewing library.

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