Friday, March 15, 2013

Project Runway recap: spoiler alert!

Sometimes I'm mad at the designers, sometimes at the show. This week, I'm mad at the show. They KNOW that everyone sucks at menswear (and why?? don't people practice before they go on this show??) and they still give them one day for this challenge. I think the producers thought they were giving everyone a break by only requiring three looks from 4 people, but it didn't work out that way. These clothes were bad, bad, bad.

Proving once again that I know nothing about anything, I initially thought the losing team would work well together, at least aesthetically. But once the challenge was revealed, and the women ran over Richard, I was sad. He had a right to be annoyed that they initially were so dismissive of him, but then later needed his help for everything (although, he'd never made a man's shirt?? I guess he doesn't design for himself??).

Both teams played it way too safe. I think everyone was so scared of menswear that they had no courage to try anything interesting (with the exception of Michelle). So what if Richard's ideas were "too Vegas," isn't that where strippers work? I wouldn't know, I've never been. My husband went last year on a business trip, I'll ask him ; )

At first I liked Layana, but I'm really starting to sour on her. She's so mean to everyone, but somehow people like Stanley want to help her when they're on different teams. She's racking up some bad karma and I can't help but think it will catch up to her.

Runway and the judging was only entertaining because of how much everyone was laughing. That was honestly one of the worst runway shows ever, even with manly men to spice it up. Nina crying from laughing so hard was certainly something I never thought I'd see. Did you hear that Heidi is a new judge for America's Got Talent? I think we saw some of that mean, disparaging Heidi that we'll see on that show. I would hate to be judged by her, for anything!! She's scary.

I'm sorry to see Amanda go, but I think she realized her time was up. It's nice to see the contestants leave so graciously this year.

Happy St. Patrick's Day this weekend, if you're into that sort of thing. My household will be busy watching the Big Ten Tournament (for you non-sports people, that's basketball haha). Happy weekend!


  1. Don't you feel bad for Patricia (that's her name, right? the one that is native american from AZ that always does some type of handcrafting to the fabric?)-I hate how they are always so mean to her, nobody wants her on their team, and they are always doubting her work but she usually does well.

  2. Yes, I am starting to feel sorry for Patricia. She obviously felt badly for taking so long on a shirt. Maybe they'll go to individual challenges soon and she'll be able to do her own thing!


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