Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sewversary Superlatives

The Sewversary celebration continues, today with a look back at the projects from the last year (this is why I didn't do this kind of post in January!). To keep things consistent, I'll use the same categories I did on my last Sewversary round-up post.

Biggest Success:

No surprise, but it's another coat! The highly modified Albion coat that I made for my husband took so. long. to make, but I learned a lot. Like coating-making sucks. Just kidding! It's kind of a love-hate thing. I loved spending so much time carefully crafting something useful for my husband, but the end result has a few flaws that bug me. I'm listing it as my biggest success because it took some guts on my part to even try it, and dangit all I finished it, so BOOM. Success.

Biggest Fail:

Waaaaaaah I'm still upset over this one. This knit blazer wearable muslin was going just fine until the collar/front facing. There was weird clipping (in my opinion) and bad directions and meh.

Oldest stashed fabric:

This is embarrassing, because it's the same fabric as last year. Fail. But but but lately I've been using a lot of stash fabrics soooooo...yeah that doesn't make it any better. This is a home-dec weight fabric that I bought to make a poof for AB's room. I should just give it away because I'm never going to use it.

Newest fabric:

I got a fantastic order from Mood a few weeks ago. SO MUCH PINK! You're looking at mostly knits (of course) and the deep fuschia is stretch SILK charmeuse. And it wasn't all pink, there's some blue/white striped twill peeking out behind it all.

UFO count:

This is actually the same as last year, plus two (the failed blazer and this Burda top). I'm not into UFOs. I finish things.

Most worn item:

I know this summer I'm going to wear the crap out of my three Perfect Slouchy Tanks, but over the last year this feather print knit tunic is one that I reached for a lot. I've worn it over long leggings, capri leggings, jeans, with a sweater...I only wish I had had enough yardage for more than a tunic.

So that's that! Tomorrow I'll be looking back at my goals from last year, and making new goals. More lists!


  1. Throw the fails away. Trust me, it is like a burden lifted! Can't wait to see what you do with the new fabric, it is gorgeous.

    1. You're right. I keep that blazer around like I'm going to go back and try to "figure out what went wrong". Yeah right!

  2. I have many kept fails/UFOs. I keep thinking that I will fix them or re-purpose the fabric. HA! I know it will never happen.
    I have to laugh when I think of what my most worn item is. Mine is a night gown that I made by copying a "wife beater" and lengthening. It will never be photographed. It is too snug and showing how worn it is.

    1. I feel the same about scraps. Do I really NEED boxes full?! Yet I can't throw them out!

    2. You mean you'r not supposed to keep scraps? ;)


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