Monday, May 5, 2014

Vote for me in the Terrific Tanks contest!

Remember my two Perfect Slouchy tanks? Someone on Pattern Review very kindly commented and told me I should enter them into the Terrific Tanks contest. Unobservant me didn't even realize such a contest was running!

The two tanks I'd already finished weren't eligible, so I whipped up another that met the contest guidelines. The focus of the contest is to use embellishment to make a simple look interesting and fabulous. I decided to go back to my original inspiration and cut my applied bindings, as well as to use a flatlock stitch again on the seams.

If you're a member of Pattern Review, please consider voting for me! Only if you think mine is the best, of course. And if you don't...then remember that a vote for someone else is a vote against me ;)

Flatlocked side seam.

The flatlock worked a LOT better on this version, so I've concluded that a beefier fabric is needed for that kind of stitch. I love how the ladders look like an imitation of the pattern on the fabric.

Cut neck binding.

This was a fun make, and unless the contest required embellishment I'm sure I would have chickened out on cutting the bindings (again). So thank you, Pattern Review, for pushing me!


  1. I love the stripes on this one. Time to vote!

    1. The fabric is really cool! It's a little hard to photograph, though, some pictures were making me go a bit blind. There are a few other colorwarys as well, I think.

  2. LOL, that was me that suggested you should enter the tank contest. I hope you win and I already voted for you.

    1. THANK YOU! Sincerely, I mean it! I totally didn't notice the contest until you mentioned it. Thanks for voting!


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