Monday, December 20, 2021

Elf Slippers Hack with the Buddy Booties Pattern

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Hello everyone! Today I have an easy tutorial for how to turn the Buddy Booties Pattern (from 5 Out of 4 Patterns) from regular slippers, to elf slippers. I made these for my 9 year old and she loved them so much, she wore the outer shell around the house before I could even finish lining them! 

Why yes, that is a Cricut I bought myself in the background

These booties would be extra fun with bells on the tips, or even a red ribbon around the ankles instead of an elastic casing. Don't worry, the pattern directions give you options for a tie around the ankle. I definitely meant to get bells for the toes, but in all the holiday commotion it didn't happen. One of these days!

For this hack, you will need the Buddy Booties pattern, and some tracing paper. The only pattern piece we will be altering is the top of the foot. 

The top piece will need to be traced off and cut in half from toes to ankle over the top of the foot. We will be adding a seam here in order to change the shape over the toes.

Once you have your half pattern piece, lay it on top of another piece of tracing paper. You will need to add the seam allowance (3/8" for this pattern) AND sketch in a curve for the pointed toe.

My curve ended up being about 3" tall. Remember that some of the size will be removed when you sew it together, so error on the side of bigger for your point. 

Before you cut your fabric, mark an X on the top foot piece exactly where you had previously cut it in half. This spot will match up with the center front of the sole when the boot is sewn together. 

Cut your fabric, you will need two halves of the top foot for each bootie (four total). Do not worry about the lining, it can be constructed with the original pattern pieces.

Right sides together, sew each top foot portion together starting from the X, around the point, to the top of the foot. Assemble the rest of the boot outer according to the directions. When it comes time to sew on the sole, remember that the center front of the sole will match up with the X you marked before.

You will not be able to sew the sole on in one pass. As you approach the X, sew right to it, backstitch, and cut the thread. Then repeat on the other side. You may need to snip into the top foot piece and the sole to get everything to lay properly.

When you turn the bootie shell right side out, you should have the seams meeting perfectly at the X like this:

That's it! Construct the rest of the booties as directed, using the original pieces for the lining to reduce bulk inside the point. Embellish, gift, and post a photo in the 5oo4 Facebook group to win the giveaway!

I received the Buddy Booties pattern for free in exchange for a blog post. I am a 5 Out of 4 Patterns Brand Ambassador. Affiliate links have been used. Thank you for supporting this blog!

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