Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Friday Pattern Company Saguaro Set

Ever love a pattern so much that you buy it before you even get out of bed in the morning? That was me, a few weeks ago, scrolling IG in bed from my phone, when I saw the Saguaro Set from Friday Pattern Company. I had already been considering a similar pattern with a different sleeve (Papercut Estella Dress) but I fell HARD for the dolman on the Saguaro. 

It was a Friday, which I normally set aside as a sewing day, so once the kids were at school I was off in a frenzy! For a full set, top and long pants, you need more than 3 yards. I only had two yard cuts on hand, so while I debated ordering more fabric vs. making shorts, I got started on the top. I had it done by the end of the day, it's a quick sew!

Saguaro Top Friday Pattern Co

I measured an XS for the top and a M for the pants. I typically make an XS in other FPC tops, so I was confident in the sizing, and it worked out perfectly.

Saguaro Set Friday Pattern Co

The tie strap in the front is optional, and you can also flip the top around so the plunging V is in the back. When I tried it that way, I kinda felt like I was choking, so if you hate having things close to your neck you won't like it that way. I'm glad I added the ties in the front, it doesn't detract from the sexy vibe but it helps hide a bra and give you a little more coverage.

Saguaro Top

After finishing the top, I decided to go ahead and use my remaining yardage for shorts. I made them as long as I could with what I had left. Gotta admit, as much as I would've loved to swan around in full length pants, I think the shorts are super cute. 

Saguaro Top

By the way, the fabric is from iseefabric and is their laundered medium weight linen (use my referral link and if you're a new customer, we'll both get a $5 off coupon!). The color I used is Rose. I've sewn with this fabric a couple times and it's probably my favorite linen ever!

Saguaro Top Ginger Jeans

I tried the top on with a bunch of my other linen and high waisted pants, and it looked good with everything. The shorts pair well with other crop tops too. I wore the whole set to play bocce ball with some friends and it was perfect for a warm spring night.

Have you taken the quiz yet?! 

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Monday, May 2, 2022

Best Free Sewing Patterns to use with Heat Transfer Vinyl

A great post today! I'm always looking for places to put my SVG designs. As a sewist, that usually means a project I can make myself and then embellish, either with screenprinting or heat transfer vinyl. I wanted to share the best FREE sewing patterns that you can whip up anytime you feel the need to create a blank canvas for using cut files.

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

As much as I wanted to sew up every single pattern myself, I figured that was probably a bit much, so I recruited some helpers. I love collaborating with other sewists, and it was great working with the ladies who did the sample sewing you'll see here. I provided the cut files, or in some cases I sent them pre-cut HTV (I have a few of these in my shop to purchase, no cutting machine required!) and they did the rest. You never know how someone else will run with your ideas, and these ladies knocked it out of the park!

These sewing patterns are suitable for beginner sewing projects. The Plantain Tee, Lago Tank, and Rowan Tee all use knit fabric, but are a good place to start if you don't have much experience with knits. All of these patterns are available for download and printing at home. 

My favorite source for heat transfer vinyl is Heat Transfer Warehouse. I use Siser Easy Weed almost exclusively (learned my lesson about the cheap Amazon stuff) and have always had great results!

Lago Tank--Itch to Stitch Patterns

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

Teri at Fa Sew La did a phenomenal job with this Itch to Stitch Lago Tank! Nothing more versatile than a white tank top, and she made it extra cute with this leopard print heart cut file. It was Teri's idea to have the hearts in the shape of a heart, and I love how it looks! You can get the Lago Tank for free here or the cut file here.

Since the Lago Tank is intended to stretch, I made Teri's decal with Siser Easy Weed Stretch Vinyl. The colors are Black and Ballerina Pink. Teri had no experience with HTV prior to this project, showing how easy it is for beginners to get started.

Allspice Apron--Hey June Patterns

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

Okay, I'll be honest, when I put out a call for sewists to work with me on this blog post, I was kinda hoping nobody would pick the Allspice Apron. I wanted to make it myself! But Jill volunteered and I couldn't turn her down. She did once share her drink tickets with me on an airplane, resulting in us getting shushed by a woman much older than us, because we were talking too much. But I digress.

Look how cute it is! It's better that Jill made this one anyway, because I'm a terrible cook. It would have been wasted on me. You can get this pattern from Hey June Handmade here

Tote Bag--Apple Green Cottage

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

Rebecca made the free Tote Bag from Apple Green Cottage, and added one of my designs. It says "handmade" and looks like a label, but since it's heat transfer vinyl it's actually fused to the fabric! 

Rebecca asked me to send her some designs in white, and I think it looks great with her color scheme! I never think to pair neutral stripes with a colorful solid, but it works so well here.

Plantain Tee--Deer & Doe Patterns

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

The Plantain Tee is a pattern that I've had the joy of making a couple times. The cut is flowy around the middle and fun to wear. Amy, who you may have seen before testing for Hey June, made this adorable tie dye Plantain Tee with my sarcastic design "I made this shirt, so say something nice". 

I have had the pleasure of meeting Amy in person at the Straight Stitch Designs Maker Retreats, and I can tell you that this design is perfect for her. Side note, come sew with us at a Maker's Retreat (I'm not being paid to say that, it's genuinely been a transformative experience in my life!). Grab the free Plantain Tee pattern here.

Costa Tote--Helen's Closet

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

Sandrea knocked this project out of the park! She used the Costa Tote pattern from Helen's Closet, my monstera cut file, and Cricut stencil vinyl. She created a mockup in the Cricut Design Space software in order to get the pattern and sizing how she wanted, then cut the stencil from that mockup.

I am totally blown away by Sandrea's creativity! She used fabric paint to fill in her stencil and then finished sewing up her bag. 

You can also spot my "I Made This" file on the pocket. I think we can all agree her bag looks amazing!

Rowan Tee--Misusu Patterns

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

The Rowan Tee is my personal favorite pattern for making quick, fun tees for my kids. It comes in a wide range of sizes (0-14!) and with short or long sleeves. I've used this pattern twice, once to make a Pi Day shirt, and once to make an Easter-themed coloring shirt. 

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

Definitely grab this pattern so you have something to reach for when it's the day (or night) before an event, and your kiddo simply NEEDS a new shirt!

Open Wide Zipper Pouch--Noodlehead

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

Mallory is on a mission to create a new zipper pouch each week this year! The one she made for this post is the Noodlehead Open Wide Pouch. She adjusted the pieces slightly to fit the heat transfer vinyl. I love how she incorporated a book-themed fabric (from Jo-Ann's) with a book-themed design!

I'm such a big book dork (English major here) that I have a lot of reading-inspired designs in my shop. I definitely want to make my kids a couple of library tote bags for the summer, and "the book was better" might end up on one of them. I could also see a zippered pouch like this one being a great teacher gift too.

If you want to see more of my cut file designs in action, I have a Pinterest board showing not only my projects, but my customers' as well! Click here to see it. And one last free pattern I can't forget to mention is my very own wall banner! 

Wall Banner--110 Creations

Free sewing patterns for heat transfer vinyl

You can get this pattern for FREE when you sign up for my email newsletter. And not only that, you get the SVG file too! Try out one of my designs and see how easy they are to use. I have this banner hanging up in my living room, my youngest kiddo has so much fun figuring out how to read it.

Do you have a favorite FREE pattern that you come back to time and again?

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